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We like all kinds of mad & interesting stuff…

So, we thought we would share some of the stuff we like with you, to see if you might like it too?

It’s also so you can get an angle on the kind of place we run, by giving insight into World Headquarters & the type of thinking & the kind of experiences, music, friendships, events, animals, people & everyday, run of the mill stuff that underpin all our activities.

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Welcoming New Students

Hi chums, welcome to Newcastle, we just thought we'd say hi & break it down for you, if you have just rocked up in town. Check out this little steer from us...

Bars We Really Rate

We know Newcastle & we've been known to like a little drink or two... If you want to go drinking & wish to avoid orange people in really daft vests, go here.

Cool Places To Eat

If you get lucky & want to stuff your face, here's where to get ultimate nourishment. From the City's top sandwich shop to it's ultimate curry house, only the very best make it onto the World Headquarters site.

The Ape Rescue Centre

EEE!aaaaAAAh..! Monkey World in Dorset is one of our fave places which we visit as much as we can. It's a special place that you should go to...

Having the Soundsystem of Dreams

The full uncut story of all the background to our game changing Soundsystem of Dreams... An abject lesson in raising the game the World Headquarters way....

The Refugee Service

This is the most important section of our site, please read it in full & if by the end of it you are not on our side, please rethink your life in the name of Karma. West End Refugee Service care for folks in real need, that could have been you.

Baby Ronnie WHQ’s Pup

An everyday comprehensive story of the amazing relationship between a unique Dog, some humans & a fly Nightclub...

Brian Eno

We love Brian Eno... Read all about the outstanding influence of the man we consider to be the greatest living artist in the world & the father, of both the structure of our Club & website. We love Brian Eno... You should too - here's why...


One of the many songs that aligned us with the struggle in South Africa in the 1980's we chart rise of Dance music & club culture & the pivotal role this song played in the World Headquarters story.

David The Master

We all love David. He is the biggest star in WHQ & here we explain the reasons why. Smack in the middle of Amsterdam, from out of the blue we get the call... David Attenborough & how great he is smacks us all, clean round the chops.

Rescue your own Coconut

Think you're a maniac..? Addicted to anything other than life..? The modern world gets too much for all of us sometimes... If you can't see the lines you used to think you could read between, look inside the Clearing...

The Promised Land

A Chicago House classic. Soundtracked our 80/90's. Black music doesn't come more unifying than this & House music exploded on the back of it. This song came true for World Headquarters...

King of South Shields

A pitch comes out of the blue & we just can't say no... Ending up in Chicago, Illinois, hanging out with Muhammad Ali's inspirational daughter Hana. The Cult Ali documentary, made by Bridge & Tunnel Films, part financed by us.

The Red

Show Racism the Red Card are a very cool, charity from round here that WHQ loves. Hear all about what they do, how you could help them & just what the Prime Minister thought, when on one sunny day World Headquarters rocked up & Tarzan walked in the doctors...

Milk The Cow Podcast

Local, independent free speech podcast & facebook group. Joining the dots from political debate & tasty recipes to mad conspiracies. News & entertainment for the decade we live in.

Battle by Wookie

Soundtracked World HQ's struggle to survive, when our original venue got flattened. This is the story, the struggle, the pictures, the business plan & the song. This is how you build a Night Club island - from individual grains of sand...


Spike Lee's greatest movie & a total game changer for modern Black cinema... Released the same time as Home Alone & totally overlooked, get acquainted with the outstanding performances & phenomenal soundtrack in the greatest piece of black cinema you ever saw...

The Mara River Mural

The most ambitious mural in the Club, that took forever & a day to complete. Read the full, inside story & the fact that it may not be over quite just yet... It rocks.

Harambee Pasadia Festival 2017

A fabulous 4-day camping extravaganza for all the family happening in 2017

Jobs with WHQ in 2018

Work hard, make money, work hard, make friends, work hard & eat bananas..?