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Black, white, gay, straight, religion or lack of it... Welcome to Newcastle's top & longest running underground Club. We hope you come to love World HQ, we built it right here, for you & all your chums - in the hope that you would... x

The WHQ 30th Anniversary Spring Season

2023 marks WHQ Club's 30 year anniversary & we've never been stronger. Few Clubs last 10 years, never mind 30, so it's quite a milestone & we shall celebrate in style as we enter our 4th decade of independent, generation spanning, underground clubbing.

Scroll down to see our full calendar, with new shows adding weekly & links to all upcoming events & tickets, or hit 'What's On' in the menu.

We're gearing up to deliver one of the most exciting seasons of shows we've ever programmed. Whether you're already tight with our musical gang, or brand new to the city, we are dying to see you on that dancefloor.

Come along to WHQ & celebrate 30 years of youth, love, music & inclusivity with us real soon.

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About the Club

What we are, what we do, hire info & all about our magical building. Click the 'view all' button to see the full caper.

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Our history

Here are a few snippets of WHQ's extensive history in Newcastle spanning the last 5 decades. Click 'view all' to read the full timeline of the amazing journey that created this true, underground subculture of genuine diversity & fun - it's a mind blower.

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Devil Bat

A novel combo of two staples here… Proving the theory that sticking to one costume can sometimes prove more effective, as we’re just left feeling a little confused…



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Food & Drink

The Cluny

The beating heart of the Ouseburn Valley.

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