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Black, white, gay, straight, religion or lack of it... Welcome to Newcastle's top & longest running underground Club. We hope you come to love World HQ, we built it right here, for you & all your chums - in the hope that you would... x

The 4th decade of WHQ

Last year World Headquarters celebrated 30 years since our inception, 1993 -2023. Now in our fourth decade as the city's top underground Club, we have loads of fab shows & exciting events coming in for the Summer season.

Not many Clubs on the planet have lasted this long, remaining totally independent & we are now stronger than we have ever been. With that in mind, now is as good a time as any to check out our site's 'History' section, where the full arc of our existence as a Club is laid out from day one...

We continue to push the boundaries of Club culture & our consistent, inclusive, welcoming vibe across the generations - Keep on keeping on.

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September 2024

06 Sep Upstairs
10 Sep Two Floors

October 2024

26 Oct Upstairs

December 2024

About the Club

What we are, what we do, hire info & all about our magical building. Click the 'view all' button to see the full caper.

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Our history

Here are a few snippets of WHQ's extensive history in Newcastle spanning the last 5 decades. Click 'view all' to read the full timeline of the amazing journey that created this true, underground subculture of genuine diversity & fun - it's a mind blower.

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Devil Bat

A novel combo of two staples here… Proving the theory that sticking to one costume can sometimes prove more effective, as we’re just left feeling a little confused…



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The Ape Rescue Centre

EEE!aaaaAAAh..! Monkey world in Dorset is one of our fave places which we visit as much as we can.

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