‘Each Season,

We select an assortment of Gibbons, Orangutans, Baboons & Bonobos, which we then very carefully shave…

We leave a little hair on the top of their heads & around the eyebrow & mufftie, or pee pee regions though…

We then teach them all aspects of how to run a Club, whilst feeding them bananas…'

Worker Bees mimicking WHQ Staff

Fancy a part time job…?

Post Covid (assuming we survive) we'll be looking to build a crack team of shaved, talking chimpanzees. So if you think you would like to work as part of WHQ feel free to get in touch, once Covid lockdowns subside.

You’ll need to be able to function well in a team environment & have common sense. You also can’t be a twat, or a political or musical dickwad.

A good grasp of WHQ's values & the ability to be able to fully duplicate what the word 'working' actually means would also be a plus.

Experience is not essential, but flexibility, a level personality & a willingness to do some late nights & some weekend shifts are.

We are happy to hear from anyone, but at the moment what our team is most short of is first year students & people we don’t already know.

Please also bear in mind, that we are not looking for any would be celebrities, 'I’m just so in love with myself' catwalkers, or crazy pill heads.

Just ordinary, honest, hard working kids. willing to work late nights will do just fine thanks.

No junkies, no flunkies - just worker monkeys

How to apply...

Drop us an initial e mail, telling us a little bit about yourself to & mark it for Ronnie’s attention.

Ronnie when she was just a pup. She grew up to become our Head of Recruitment.

Ronnie will then pass all applications up to Deborah, our office Manageress to sort through, ready for when we get our team together to discuss who we would like interview.

What we do here is hard work at times, but it’s also a great way to have fun, make friends & enjoy real life, so come & be part of this WHQ thing.

You can attach a CV & photograph too if you like, but that’s not essential...

Especially if you look daft

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