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Monkey world in Dorset

Every time we’ve ever been to Monkey World we’ve taken kids. All kids love Monkey World.

If you have little kids & they don’t enjoy a visit to Monkey World, then please, take them to see the Doctor immediately, as there is obviously something seriously wrong with them.

That kid needs a Doctor - pronto..!

Monkey World is a long drive from Newcastle. A very, very long drive… It is well worth it though & whenever we go to Monkey World, as we approach & get within a few miles, we see all the road signs for it & we start to get really excited!!

Maybe it’s the thought of such an epic journey safely reaching it’s eventual destination, or just the pure joy of knowing what lies ahead – who can say..?

Alison the Queen of Monkey World.

Essential Ape Antics

Anyway, what we start to do next is very simple. We begin to make monkey noises in the car.

One of the most exciting things it's possible to see.

Yup, that’s right, we whoop & yelp & shout ‘OO, OO, OO..!!’ like loons.

We do this at the top of our voices, for a period of several miles.

 We don’t just start all of a sudden, we commence with random, preliminary outbursts & might have the odd ‘EEE! aaaaaAAAH!!’ as early as 100 miles away.

I'm a Hip Hop Orangutan & I'm finding it all a bit much.

Then gradually, as Monkey World gets nearer, the frequency of the outbursts increases, as will the variety, proficiency & total stupidity of the monkey/ape noises we attempt to pull off.

I'm a Drum 'n Bass Chimpanzee & it's even a bit much for me.

As we get really close, everyone in the car joins in & we all go mental & start to just totally freak out, so that by the time we pull into the car park we are all screeching, at the top of our voices..!!

It’s become kind of a tradition & one from which, by whooping like a troop of mad Baboons, we honestly procure a great deal of life affirming joy.

Primate related spiritual thunderbolts

The first time we went there we had an epiphany in the cafe. A proper epiphany, like what all those Moses / Abraham / Luke & John / bible-type geezers in the old testament used to get…

Families, exactly the same as ours.

We were coming to the end of our days visit & getting some snacks & a nice cup of tea. The kiddies were playing in a big soft play area they have there, next to the cafe seating area.

It had a massive reinforced glass wall all down one side of it. This big wall backed right onto the Chimpanzee nursery, so you could see in, at all the Chimp babies hanging out & playing too.


Just looking over & seeing the little kids in our gang simultaneously playing, hanging out & interacting as equals, with the baby Chimps through the glass, all so innocent…

Well, suffice to say, we had a moment..!

One of those beautiful moments you rarely get in life, when you well up & all of a sudden, you totally understand & everything seems to just make complete sense…

Click Monkey World to visit them & if anyone ever tells you humans are superior to the Great Apes? They are being ridiculous. Humans are Great Apes. Just like all the Gorillas & Chimps.

The correct way to behave on arrival


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