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WHQ Club has weekly regular & special events, featuring both local & A-List international underground artists & musical genres that will rock your world. 

We now also run massive, cross-generational live events too, through our sister company 'WHQ & Nat Turner Live Events.'

We do those in cool venues right across the UK, featuring outstanding live bands. 

Select info from all our upcoming Club, or big national live events below...


November 2023

December 2023

01 Dec Upstairs
01 Dec Downstairs
01 Dec Live at:
02 Dec Downstairs
02 Dec Upstairs
02 Dec Downstairs
02 Dec Live at:
05 Dec Two Floors
08 Dec Two Floors
09 Dec Upstairs
12 Dec Live at:
13 Dec Live at:
14 Dec Live at:
15 Dec Downstairs
15 Dec Upstairs
16 Dec Live at:
16 Dec Two Floors
19 Dec Live at:
20 Dec Live at:
21 Dec Live at:
22 Dec Live at:
23 Dec Live at:
31 Dec Upstairs

January 2024

March 2024

April 2024

June 2024

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