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Mr P Badger tells more naughty lies & hides in shame

Well that was a little eye opener wasn't it..? That's the kind of crazy background stuff you'd never even imagine went on..!

Let's take a look at what's gone down since all that happened & take the temperature of things, as they now stand today.

Santa furloughed

We’ve never received another Xmas card from any police officer since the day we won that case in 2006 & were awarded our costs. Not one, little Santie all dried up & no copper has ever reached out to us for anything, ever again.

Way too risky.

Navigating with care

We have operated with a 5 am licence for over 17 years now, with no issues. Not once have we been inundated with the rest of the Toon trying to storm in, when other places have been closing.

We continue to liaise with plod when required to on Club matters, which is infrequent, as we run a tight ship.

Plus we don't want our friends to get wet.

Thug life

However, ten years after the license battle two of plods boys were kind enough to try to force illegal entry into Tommy’s house in 2016, going on like proper thugs & assaulting him in the process.

But nothing much came of that, as plod gave both clowns two full weeks to concoct their stupid stories, before even bothering to question either of them. When they did, they lied about that too & said they just ‘got the wrong door...'


Panto season isn't meant to run all year.

Protect & serve your own mates

We complained officially, took it all right up the ladder to the very top, every door locked, waggons circled, ranks closed, Crime commissioner zipped shut - the lot.

And some people wonder why some folk, especially folk like us may not trust the police..?

Protect & serve, isn't meant to mean just your cronies.

The good guys

As a Club, WHQ interacts with plod every now & again & many of the police we've met in the course of our working lives are great officers, really helpful & professional.

At least three of our former WHQ staff have gone on to join the police force too, so they aren’t all bad.

WHQ works well with all decent people.

Educate yourself

The ones who are though, absolutely stink & as an institution, plod only ever act to protect themselves in our experience.

They have made zero progress, other than a cosmetic overhaul of the complaints procedure, (to ensure it never goes anywhere) & a few token ‘effnik’ appointments, since the Macpherson report, which was literally decades ago.

Educate yourself - Stephen : The Murder that Changed a Nation, BBC2 catch up.


Any large public organisation needs to be accountable to ordinary citizens & be open to proper external scrutiny. Not just run some kind of pretendie oversight pantomime.

Plod needs to always remember that he is supposed to serve & protect the public. He needs to realise that intimidation, be it in the courtroom, on the doorstep, or built into the official complaints process, is the reason why so very many people (of all colours), think he’s proper shan.

The Police have an obligation to move forward & improve in a positive, more open direction, just like all the rest of us - it's called evolution & you're looking at it right now.

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