2. Entry, safety & how we go on

Who cares..?

WHQ is the longest running Club in Newcastle & one of the longest running Clubs in the country.

If you've read our mind blowing history section, you'll know that WHQ is a Black owned Nightclub, one with a long history, evolving from & rooted in the city's original Gay & Black music scenes. We operate with multiracial leadership & a female led staff team.

We are also 100% independent, so we have our own rules & a long established culture in how we do (& have always done) things. 

Entry to WHQ

You'll see this sign (below) by our front door & behind the box office.

It may seem really formal in tone, but that's appropriate, so we are crystal clear in what we expect from everyone who visits us. The reason the Club is as safe it can possibly be, is because we keep it that way & this section of our site is important.

So have a little read....

What the boys need to bear in mind

This sign is prominently displayed in our male toilets.

It clearly lays out what we expect from the fellas who come here. We may well live in what could be described as a 'patriarchal' society - but that ends on our front step.

In WHQ all people will be treated with respect.

Girl's talk

This sign is prominently displayed in our ladies toilets. It is self explanatory.

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