1. What is World Headquarters..?

The Club

World HQ is an actual, proper Club – just like it says in the dictionary. You can’t just pick up the phone, wave a cheque book & buy yourself the kind of genuine subculture we have grown to represent.

We’re totally separate from the rest of the city & do our own unique thing. Making a better Newcastle with unity & diversity & that’s what we’ve promoted here since way, way back in the day.

Context innit...

Square dealing, friendly & multiracial, all nationalities are welcomed here. It’s Newcastle’s only independent, truly underground, word of mouth, musically driven Club & is laid out over the lower 2 floors of Curtis Mayfield House on Carliol Square.

Upstairs, with its game changing ‘Sound System Of Dreams’ & jaw dropping wall murals, is where it’s at for all the 360° bump ‘n’ hustle, block party action you’ll ever need…

2003 flyer.

Downstairs is a laid back, lovely, leather couchy, versatile live lounge & clubbing venue, with flexible staging.

Cute customers, elaborate ladies facilities, affordable drinks at all times & the fact that this Club really kicks, just add more to what sets it apart from the rest of the city & make it a fab night out.

With everyone & everything.

You can read all about our 'Soundsystem of Dreams’ over in Stuff we Like.

Make no mistake, there is nowhere else even remotely like World Headquarters & if you are visiting Newcastle from outside the area, it’s quite simply a must see.

With a switched on & a totally unique take on music, World HQ is hands down, the friendliest, most musically diverse & best Nightclub you will find – anywhere in this country.

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