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WHQ in film, radio & print interviews 2021

WHQ in Film, Radio, Books etc.

For around 25 years we hardly ever spoke publicly, always declining all interview requests & media contact, as it's not really our vibe, so we only communicated WHQ via music.

Films you say..? About WHQ you say..? I might take a peep.

Then in 2015, the Channel 4 lot began the initial work on a documentary which got us talking. We now go through (very) brief periods of occasional public chatter. This means now there are various films, TV, radio & print interviews kicking about relevant to WHQ.

Snap taken during the shooting of one of the films below.

We only ever agree to do these when we think it is a topic people who support the Club may find interesting, or if we feel it may help spread our positive WHQ message.

Spreading our positive WHQ message - for those whose faces may require closing.

Straight after we have done them, we tend to shut up again, for extended periods. 'Shut up' is basically our default setting, so if you want to hear what we think about the Club & other stuff, here is the place & now is the time.

We've pulled the bits all together below for you & we hope that you enjoy watching / listening & it expands your understanding of WHQ, what we get up to & why.

So - let's have all the goss...x

Prepare yourself, for a sizable quantity of rabbit...

Mixmag Article Feb 2021

An recent article WHQ contributed an interview to, with Mixmag's Jack Ramage, around how UK Clubs might reopen post pandemic, in light of potential rapid testing requirements.

Click here to read the full article.

Face to Face Interview

'Peep TV' : an in-depth interview all about WHQ Club

This film is in a sit down interview format. Chatting about all aspects of the thinking that underlies the Club.

It will give you a really good feel for the what, the way & the how, of the WHQ vibe.

Murals & Artworks - A Tour

'Peep TV' : a tour of the amazing Murals in the Club.

This is a really great film... It takes you on a tour of the Club & breaking down the inspirational artworks.

It's also up on the site on the 'Amazing Murals' page, which you can also find in the 'Our History' section. On that page we go into written detail about them too, but this film here, gives you a more hands on, insightful, first-hand, human take on them.

Not quite sure why James (the guy interviewing) keeps calling murals - 'Muriels..?'

But that doesn't spoil things & is actually quite endearing. We hope you enjoy it.

Chatting back in 2015

This is a homely, friendly & informal short interview from way back in 2015, chatting to ace young blogger Bryony Simcox.

It covers nerves about how the upcoming (at the time) Channel 4 documentary might turn out, playing records, dog walking & the WHQ take on Newcastle in general.

Click here to read the full caboodle.

Channel 4's - Any Colour You Like

The WHQ Channel 4 Documentary - 'Any Colour You Like'

This film is also up in it's own section, earlier on in 'Our History.' There we tell the full backstory to how it came about.

You can also watch this in hi-def on your TV, by going to the 'All4' platform & searching the title.

ITN News 27th August 2020

ITN conduct a short interview with WHQ for a local TV News feature in August 2020.

Discussing the effect the Global Pandemic is having on the future viability of the Club. 

S.O.S. - Save Our Scene Documentary 2020

A crew called 'Rhythm Rug' made this great little documentary about WHQ & the Covid 19 fallout in December 2020. It features interviews with Tommy & some of the Club's wider family of promoters & friends.

It gives a great insight into what the Club means to the people who come here.

Catherine McKinnell MP speaking in Westminster Hall

On of our local Labour MPs took the situation facing WHQ & all Newcastle Nightlife re the Corona virus, to the highest level in Parliament, back in early November. Check her out below...

Each One Teach One - October 2020

Each One Teach One - October 2020

This is an online article featuring several key Black figures on the international music scene, covering New York, London, Berlin & Cape Town & Newcastle.

There are some really inspiring people featured here & great to see an equal amount of women represented.  The bit about WHQ closes the article.

Read the whole article here.

Doctorate In Civil Law

Newcastle University recognised WHQ's contribution to a lifetime of fighting racism in the city, by awarding it's Team Leader a Doctorate in Civil Law in 2017.

This was the same honour they had awarded to Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963 & it was given to him on the 50th anniversary of Martin having received his.

There is a page with all the background & what happened on the day etc., elsewhere in this 'Our History' section entitled 'Dr Who..?'

Watch the full acceptance speech here & yes, he does say 'thongs...'

Show Racism the Red Card

Chatting to our great friends 'Show Racism The Red Card' about racism in the UK, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This was part of a series of video films with various Black people sharing their experiences of racism & the Black Lives Matter Movement, the rest of which you can see in the video section on the SRTRC Facebook page. 

'Hit Factories' by Karl Whitney 2019

“What does a city sound like?” asks Karl Whitney, at the start of this 11-city travelogue through the UK’s musical past. This is a book which chronicles British working class cities & the music & amazing scenes they produced.

It covers all the heavy hitters Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol etc., (not London) but goes way deeper & is a really ace journey through the entire musical landscape of the real Britain.

Tommy was interviewed for the Newcastle chapter, discussing the origins of the Club & much more. If you want to know how, where & why the UK music scene has been so influential & diverse, this book is a great place to start.

Hit Factories is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson & you can nab one right here.

Karl (bottom right) has his ace book 'Hit Factories' in shops now.

A bit like Desert Island Discs..? 27/06/20

Here's a really great 'Desert Island Discs' style podcast interview, hosted by Archie Waterworth, recorded shortly after the lockdown came into force.

There are some really great tunes & plenty of insightful WHQ based chit chat. This show goes quite deep & is a really great listen...

'Black Power' by James Coit is among the tunes Tommy chooses & spins in this interview.

Topics include Northern Soul, racism, the 'Let Us Breathe' platform, the role of Black artists in Dance music & the potential effect of Covid 19 on WHQ.

The post Covid Club world is also discussed, with speculation around DJ fees etc & how we imagine that world may look.

Hit the image below to trigger this fascinating hour of listening - a cup of tea & a biscuit are advised.

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