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It's like a jungle, sometimes it makes us wonder

Story time

The situation in 'the jungle stand off' was getting more tense by the day. As their relationship with the Apes soured, the Greedy Developer Crocodiles began circling & they prepared to pounce…


Monkey time

The Apes went again to the Jungle Council, to ask them to intervene as a last throw of the dice…

If this failed, the Apes would be thrown out of the Old Club Treehouse & lose everything they had worked their whole Monkey lives for.

Every word that you have read so far in their evolution, flashed before their little Primate eyes…

Close up photo of a chimp's eyes
We see what you see.

So, a sit down was arranged between the Jungle Council, the Greedy Developer Crocodiles & the Apes.

The Head of Animal Transportation was there too & it was make or break time.

Rumble time

Conscious of the many dancing primates they were representing & acutely aware of just what was at stake, the Apes put an impassioned case…

Everyone listened & the ‘heated debate’ that followed with the Greedy Developer Crocodiles, made it hands down, the most tense meeting in Ape history.

Newcastle City Council offices
Jungle Council HQ - a Council office, high up in the Civic Center, Newcastle

‘Apes are holding up Crocodile job creation’, ‘Crocs are standing in the way of Ape culture’,

‘Crocs are worth more to the city than Ape Culture’, ‘No they are not! Apes & Ape Music are worth ten times more to the city than Crocs will ever be.’

‘Are you having a Giraffe? Crocodile development should come first’

‘No! Never at the expense of the Ape’s Future Musical Treehouse!! etc., etc!’

Treehouse by a lake
Musical significance matters.

You had to be there & yeah, we can laugh about it now, but honestly, this was a proper, lives on the line, gloves off, epic ruck..! By the finish it was well on the way to...

‘Your Mammmy Croc wears suspenders – Ha..!’  

‘So what?! – Your Ape Mammy bones Tarzan – & she loves it..!!’

Just before it got to this point, the Jungle Council stepped in & called a halt to the fight…


The Greedy Developer Crocodiles were convinced that the Jungle Council would support them, as they were Reptilian big business, with Reptilian big bucks...

But this time they were wrong..!

Two bananas with a pile of money
Nanas - by knockout.

Banana time

Standing tall for all the many musical Monkeys they represented, the Apes had won the day..!!

It was a monumental day, as just this once – just this one time…

Passion, agility & bananas – had defeated cold blooded finance.

A banana cut into three unequal parts. 'Change It's banana shaped... '
The natural order of things... Friendly people, lovely Club, great music.

So, justice was done & the Jungle Council supported The Apes, temporarily blocking the Greedy Developer Crocodiles, from evicting them from the Old Club Treehouse.

A happy looking orangutang
Would you look at that..! We had passion, Soul & you on our side... x

Instead, they made the Crocs bask around on the riverbank for an extra month…

An open-mouthed crocodile at the lakeside
Probably waiting for a lame duck to hop past, so they could pick them off instead..?

While the Apes swung into their brand spanking, new Jungle Treehouse, by the skin of their sexy, little red botties..!!

It actually was, just like a jungle & sometimes it made us wonder how we kept from going under...

Party time (almost)

So, the existence & future of WHQ was saved. It was finally a reality & very nearly time to say our fond goodbyes to the Old Club.

Makes us shiver just to look at it,

Gonna be emotional... But hit 'next,' to check out this little thing you won't even believe first, after all that jungle action.

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History & Culture
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