5. Our upper floors

What do we do up there..?

Initially, when we first converted the building in 2002/3 we (obviously) ran out of loot once we had set the Club floors up, so the upper floors just stood empty. 

Then we hooked up with our great chums @ Globe Gallery & gave them a floor (sometimes 2) rent free, to house their operations for 8 or so years, tiding them over until they could build up momentum & evolve to acquire their own new premises.

It that time they staged some fab exhibitions & shows.

The World Headquarters way is to always help any organisations we can, that are engaged in making the artistic fabric of the city richer.

These days we do all kinds of stuff up there, which we shall fill you in on now...

The 3rd Floor - Mayfield Photographic Studio

Mayfield Studio is a warehouse style rental space above the Club, which is occupied & independently operated by some of our friends. It’s a cool place for a photo shoot or to host an event or exhibition.

They have state of the art photographic equipment & facilities for hire & you can also commission them to do bespoke, high end photographic & video projects for you. They do all sorts of stuff & have a great rep.

It's really nice up there...

Bum Direction...

They are really slick & a while back, in 2013 they had none other than those ‘One Direction’ monkeys & their massive entourage up there, shooting a commercial for their brand new fragrance (Hilarious!)

There were so many people in the One Direction production gang, that they used the first floor Club as a big changing room for the shoot upstairs.

Here as you can clearly see, young Harold seemed quite enthused to realise, that we clocked his bare arse - twice, while he was getting changed - Nice.

No biggie, was quite spotty actually...

Mayfield Studio chat about this floor…

‘Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible – to simplify your day & put your clients at ease. We sweat all of the little things, so you can focus on enjoying your shoot or event.

This beautiful, bright, 3500 sq.ft., photo studio enjoys regular rentals for photo shoots, film projects & private events. From professional photographers to amateurs & many students, all kinds of people & organisations have enjoyed the comfortable vibe of shooting in this spacious yet intimate venue’.

‘We are tucked into a corner in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Just five minutes walk from the Manors, Monument & Central Station Metros, we’re also directly opposite a large car park.

We can supply photographers, make up artists, models, stylists, film crew, production services, catering & assistants, printing services. If you ever need something, just ask us, excellent customer service goes without saying’.

Nice & comfy

So that’s our chums’ cool, photographic, artistic place. Sounds & looks a bit good doesn’t it..?! Yup, it most certainly does, so check them out.

Click here to see their website & get info on hire rates, equipment specs, or to get in touch with them directly.

They are a really nice bunch of people, doing a great thing, that is a major asset to our long term overall vision for Curtis Mayfield House & we like their slick, hip groove a lot.

Photography innit...

The 4th Floor - Bridge & Tunnel Voices

We first met Bridge & Tunnel a good few years ago, when we put a little bit of money into an experimental documentary they were making about Muhammad Ali’s 1977 visit to South Shields.

Funds to film in America were needed to finish it, so we chipped in, as we love Muhammad very dearly.

A bit later we also visited the USA with them & hung out with Ali’s inspirational daughter Hana…

Tommy our resident DJ & the wonderful Hana Ali in Chicago

Read how we first met Tina’s gang, on the 'King of South Shields' page, over in Stuff We Like & you can watch the documentary trailer if you click here.

All about B&T

Bridge & Tunnel Productions is an independent media production company that produces a mad range of unique, exciting & challenging cinematic art, both mainstream & community based. It is run by our friend Tina & her chums. Basically, they make great, meaningful  films…

As film makers go, they are at the absolute top of their game. Sir Ben Kingsley was a patron of one of their feature films & said of it…

‘In our economic climate this is a film of vital importance… Tina aims to make a life-enhancing film. An important and much-needed film.”

It’s called I am Nasrine’ & is a really moving, cool film. It won Best Screenplay at the Brooklyn Film Festival 2012Tina was also nominated in the 2013 prestigious BAFTA Awards, as Best Director, for all her work on making the movie.

Here’s the trailer for it, you’ll be amazed how effortlessly cool it all looks...

Their Charitable angle...

As well as their film production work, they’ve a sister charity organisation, Bridge & Tunnel Voices.

That's what they currently have based on our 4th floor.

Here they do educational & charitable activities, like development & delivery of interactive online projects, training & production schemes, for loads of diverse communities & youngsters, looking at racism, community cohesion, migration-type stuff.

Bridge & Tunnel have made some outstanding films & are true friends of ours, who we are very pleased to be able to have here in Curtis Mayfield House with us. They bring a whole new angle to our building & compliment the overall WHQ Groove extremely well.

Other projects

Up until the pandemic arrived, we had a really cool Judo school running on one of the upper floors too, but as it's a contact sport, they won't be able to return until the mythical vaccine is completed.

We still have another floor we have yet to develop, but in the current climate, even in a best case scenario that's miles off.

Let's hope we survive & they can come back again...

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