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What's with all the records..?

Visual Inspiration, plain & simple

Every Club has a look... In some cases it may not be intentional, in some cases it may be a rubbish one. In many cases it's based around alcohol advertising, subtlety placed on bars & behind counters, to draw your attention & sell you waffle.

The places displaying that type of thing are operated by energy vampires, simply trying to empty your mind, your pockets & suck your mind further into capitalism.

Give Love

The look of a Club can totally define what kind of place you're in, whether it's any good & has had any thought put into it.

You can always tell if a place is loved, you only have to look... 

If it warms & pours visual inspiration back into your heart - it's loved & so are you.

Hunee knows the WHQ records deal - he's a true music head, a genuine selector & always really digs them when he comes to cast his magical, musical spell over us.

They don't just sound great

We display cool & rare record sleeves, on shelves behind our Dj booth & bars.

Led Zep, Kool & the Gang, PE, Jackson Sisters & Jurassic 5..? It must be WHQ

This is to remind people, that our evolution as a Club was vinyl led & also because 12″ record sleeves are very often great artworks in & of themselves...

The far-out cover of 'Welcome Home' by Osibisa. That's the album with the WHQ classic 'Sunshine Day' on it.

It all just started out as an easy & quick way to change & decorate the Club.

Like an instant, weekly, visual, mini-refit.

It's always a good look.

But given the vast collection of rare & iconic records that we have access to, it's grown into much more than that.

These days they visually underpin the Club’s musical depth & integrity...

Try downloading this lot & you'd probably get squashed.

They look great too

As a visual turn-on, they also let any visiting international Dj, or switched-on music freak know immediately, that when it comes to music, we've 100% lived it, our Club is special & we mean business.

Floating Points, Jayda G, Soichi Terada, Moodyman & all WHQ's other tune-head DJ chums totally get it.

Most importantly, as it's not possible to copy actual credibility...

The records displayed behind the bar & DJ booth, properly reflect WHQ's deep musical heritage as a Club, keeping images of important music & artists in our movement, alive & current too.

The booth records on the evening of the sad day our Brother Gil Scott Heron passed.

One more thing

Then lastly, on top of all that, they are simply nice & inspiring to look at...

The cover of Weather Report's outstanding 'Black Market' album

The Musical Tribe

So there you go, that's what's with the records. Their display in Club the has been going on since before the WHQ you know today was even built. Way back the days of the Old WHQ on Marlborough Crescent 1993 -2003.

They are part of WHQ's vibe & our culture as a musical tribe.

Dj Booth in the original WHQ .When toddlers do Xmas & birthdays like this - you know they are on the right path x.

A little hidden, secret treat...

Not everyone reads this deep into our site. Some kids just check the listings, buy a ticket & chip out, so thank you x.

Here's a cheeky 1 hr set Tommy recorded in lockdown, for Darlington Drum Festival's online event in Sept 2020 for you to enjoy...

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