The West End Refugee Service

A little thing to get your head around

If you're skipping through the site looking for whatever, please take a moment to read this little page. It highlights the amazing work of a charity we greatly respect.

All children are the same, cheeky, loveable & need our care.

Further down we also break down humanity, materialism, intolerance & western society, to counterbalance some of the daft nonsense the papers usually print...

Aforementioned daft nonsense.

The West End Refugee Service

We want to make you aware of the West End Refugee Service & also share with you here, some thoughts, that are at the top of our necks, in between our ears, deep - inside our heads.

The reasons why we like & admire the team at the West End Refugee Service are pretty simple. They are on the right path & they selflessly help other Human beings who need it.

From their base at Arthur's Hill in the West End they provide daily drop-in advice sessions, home visits, a befriending scheme, a clothing store (where we send all WHQ's unclaimed lost property), a hardship fund & support with employability, awareness-raising, education & training.

We'd like you to try to support them in any way you can & here's why...

You as a free thinking individual don't have to buy into the divisive, daft nonsense, that idiot rags like the Brexit peddling Daily Mail & Express would have you believe.

Aforementioned daft nonsense 1938 version.

You can always consider the truth instead.

The truth about asylum seekers

Life for asylum seekers in the UK is tough. Many have been tortured, imprisoned or raped in their home country & all have suffered bereavement, or prolonged separation from family & friends. Travelling to Europe can mean real danger, then low, or no income, social isolation & racial harassment.

You wouldn't bother to go & write that, so there's no reason to think it either.

Then they may also have difficulties with cultural adaptation & the fear of being returned to dangerous & life threatening situations, if their asylum applications are unsuccessful.

Ever wonder how you might feel if that was you, your family & your children..?

No, it's not 'The Borrowers' clutching a giant sieve - this is a whole different children's story.

Negative media reporting, political swerving, a lack of educational & employment opportunities, plus hostility from stupid twats in their local communities, have created a climate, which does little to aid the integration process for refugees.

Until the day your Mum becomes one..?

So let's forget the hype & tripe of Brexit, stop pretending the evil, marauding  immigrants are gonna get your Victoria sponge & think through the real truths here...

The truth about the western world

We all live on the same planet & at WHQ we think we all deserve a share of that. Not just people who live in rich countries. 

Don’t forget how the economically stable countries of the western world got like that…

It was by exploiting people from other countries & taking their natural resources, via colonisation, slavery, genocide & all that other stuff that funded the building of structures like Buckingham Palace, the White House & the entire country of Belgium…

Royal Palace of Brussels, Belgium - paid for in severed Congolese hands.

It’s no excuse to feel you don’t need to care, or to believe you can be legitimately disconnected from other people’s suffering, just because you have a new i-phone & cosmetics & they do not.

So much needs to be done, to create an inclusive, progressive & welcoming society, which recognises the enormous contribution refugees can make to this nation. 

The first thing that needs to be done, is for you, personally – to simply get your head around it.

The truth about you

You are actually an animal, a Great Ape, from the same genetic family as Chimps & Gorillas & you have the most highly developed brain in the animal kingdom.

Think about that for a minute.. (if you’ve forgotten where to locate it, it’s behind your eyes, just underneath your hair).

Genetically & emotionally almost identical.

You were born into a country, where as long as you don’t do crazy, stupid things with your life, you are basically safe. You are in the privileged position, where you can take both democracy & your personal freedoms, pretty much for granted.

You may well have been raised by TV, but as an adult, you have an obligation to yourself, to up your game & learn to challenge the ready made consumer template, that society has waiting for your life.

Sure, you’ve grown up in a place & time where capitalism & society has programmed you, from an early age, not to think too much. That’s because they want you to be a compliant & blind consumer.

But that doesn’t mean you have to just accept that as your lifetime’s parameters…

Is it that radical, to think original thoughts & to realise that you can concentrate longer than the length of a pop video..?

No. So it’s just so lazy, for you to think narrow minded, head up your bum stuff – like…

‘Well I live in England so I think I’m better than the rest of the world because I can watch shows on cable & have clean water & access to free healthcare – I’m so civilised…'

'Just look at those dirty people, with flies on their mouths, starving, in that awful refugee camp! That could never be me, I’m British, we’re great, Union Jack, bacon & eggs, last night of the Proms, send them all home! Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, etc., etc., etc…'

You reckon…? Really..??

Listen, it’s just luck – That’s all it is…

Nothing makes you worth more than another person & all that kind of 'oh so superior' attitude does, is make you look like a dick & sound ignorant & unempathic. Stop, expand your mind & try to start to think globally, or narrow minded, Eurocentric attitudes will kill your humanity. 

You only live once, so you owe it to yourself to be a liberated, free thinking individual, not just a consumer, who believes in every (sell more papers) concept that the media serves up to them.

So when you think of asylum seekers, you should always try to put yourself in their shoes. European people are not better than people in the rest of the world…

They are just more lucky, simply because of where they were born. It’s that simple, so any compassion you can show to people from outside the UK, who are less well off than you, is a really, really cool thing to do.

Means everything, costs nothing.

The truth about the only two pathways

There are only ever two potential paths. The kind of arrogance, that those people in this country, who think that they are superior to asylum seekers show, is the wrong path. 

If you walk far enough down that path, balanced opinion will start to disappear & eventually, not long after you stroll past the (so called)  'statue protecting' patriots of the right wing groups, you’ll come to some gas chambers…

Gammon & ovens have a predictable & sick historical connection.

Go in the opposite direction, down the right path & you come to a place where people care, share & support one another. You never know, one day you & your family may just need that support yourselves..?

Check yourself.

But whether you will or not, recognise, that you offering your support, to people who may need it, no matter where in the world they come from, is a really cool thing to do.

That’s why we admire the WERS – What you give is what you get in life & Karma exists.

Always support the truth.

Show compassion for asylum seekers & make sure if ever you come across fools, who want to pick on them, you speak up for what is right. Just because certain sections of society want to be nasty to them, it doesn’t make it right.

A member of the 'Master Race' my arse.

Even if almost every person you met wanted to be nasty to them, it still wouldn’t make it alright.

You know inside what's right, so never be afraid to stand up & speak up, for what is just & fair.

Banksy speaks out, so should everyone.

You can desire them all you want, but you don’t need recognition, you don’t need celebrity, you don’t need notoriety & you don’t need  fame. What you need, is to be a good  person, who can see the big picture of the whole Human Race.

Not just Europeans with Americans, waving their own flags & then the rest of the world bringing up the rear… No.  All of us, together as equals.

Civilisation my arse.

The truth about nature

Once you can see that, it’s cool to then get your perspective with the animal kingdom right too, or pretty soon people won’t just be whining on about asylum seekers any more, because we won’t even have a Planet, left to live on.

The truth about a good nights kip

Click to the West End Refugee Service & have a little think about what you could maybe donate to help them in their work..? Some clothing, or some of your time perhaps..? Maybe even some loot..?

Do the right thing, choose the right path & stay on it – That way everyone, including you, can live in safety & sleep better.

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