6. A few cool event images...

World Headquarters is the Underground #1 & that’s no new thing. Our story in this city now spans across five separate decades & we’ve been at the forefront of the underground scene for all of them.’

Contact us today (like right now), for hires via our e-mail address hello@welovewhq.com

We’ve got time for you & all your mad ideas… x

Check out a cute few snaps...

1. Here is Iron Dread (Phoebe) bigging up Congo Natty to the crowd downstairs.
2. Super cool Public Enemy slipmat.
3. Mark Ronson, having just arrived in the DJ booth, nattering to Tommy.
4. Joy Orbison Crowd.
5. Your Man Goldie, smashing the downstairs. Just prior to surfing the crowd, like the true Don he is.
6. Young Soul Jammers Jake & Cian spinning downstairs, way back in the early days of their night.
7. Tommy dropping the WHQ Uplifting Groove back in the day.
8. Congo Natty Time.
9. WHQ is one of the few Clubs where Mc’s can genuinely work & add to the event.
10. Getting Uplifted by the Groove.
11. Hunee in the mix @ Reasons to Be Cheerful upstairs.
12. The 4 Owls Smashing the downstairs.
13. Marlena Shaw needn’t worry, we spin her version too. Just we like to go deep.
14. Early Saturday night upstairs.
15. Hands up if you want his phone number..?
16. Albino Destiny’s Child in the place..?
17. Mainlining that Uplifting Groove.

For hires via e-mail on info@welovewhq.com 

We’ve got time for you & all your mad ideas… x

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