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WHQ's talented & beautiful young promoters

Beautiful..? - I mean like Really..?!!

Ha ha..! Did you Chimps really think we were going to drone on & lick up to you lot..? Can't you kiss your own bottoms..?

Check you - Big heeds..! Big heeeds..!! Big Heeeeds..!!! Ha ha Ha..!!!!

How in God's name - did I not see that coming..?!

All jokes aside

You all know WHQ loves & thanks you. Together we have built a truly amazing thing, done some really great, landmark shows & we respect you all, as true pillars of your own niche scenes.

But you do remember what we told you yeah..?

You remember..? That time we first met, way back, when you were planning your first show here..?

Stay humble.

Respect the Club.

Keep your game tight.

Keep your ego in check.

Our advice is always free.

Keep your loot out of sight.

No spatting on social media.

Stay loyal if you wanna to win big.

Don't bring any clowns to your shows.

We're an Underground Club, so we help each other.

That way there's no need for you to make all those daft mistakes we did, way back in the day.

You still got all that..?

Cool - that way we'll last... x

Jake could remember almost all of what he had been taught... But not being beautiful, had hit him real, real, hard... x

Our promoters are the best. They're the exact same kids, that help WHQ drive & shape Underground Musical Culture in this city & we know it. 

Just gotta ensure their hats still fit..! x

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