38. Grand designs up colon creek


Struggle is not the word…

Up to our eyes in debt, totally sleep deprived & sick with worry, we stumbled through the next year.

The weight of all the debt, as the clock was ticking down on the old Club, just cranked up the pressure. If we got this wrong & overspent, or ran over time we could easily lose everything.

Grand designs eat your heart out, we were hustling.

We put the word out about our plans to move & talked it up all over the city to remind ourselves what we had to do, to reach the next level.

We landed fab architects & cool builders, but this kinda caper never, ever runs smooth.

The days turned to weeks & the weeks into months…

Suddenly, we would find ourselves in the Old Club, spinning tunes on a weekend & the lyrics of the songs we would play began to take on a

new, deeper, almost mythical significance.

Yup readers, one thing was for sure… We had a Battle on…

We had now publicly stuck our necks out, in a ‘pie in the sky’ fashion & as the clock ticked away, it became clear we were gonna run out of money & time.

We kept putting off the moving date, pushing it further back & people began to start wondering if we were just having them on.


There goes the dough…

One day, time finally ran out & money the day after

We had to be out of Marlborough Crescent so it could be demolished & the new Club wasn’t gonna be anywhere near ready to open.

If we couldn’t keep the Old Club open, we weren’t gonna be able to make the money we needed, to finish the new building.

We were deeply stuck, up that well known, metaphorical colonic creek… Without a paddle.

We had already sold up to a bunch of developers who needed the Old Club building out of the way, to make a road to lead to a new Bus Station on the Western Boulevard.


Transportation Blues

These dudes had to provide this new bus station as part of a big project they were involved in, to eventually redevelop the Haymarket Metro Station.

So we were caught up in high level, city transport system planning. Millions of pounds were involved & they couldn’t get their mits on the Haymarket site, until they could ease traffic, by delivering the new Western Boulevard Bus Station.

They had to demolish the Old Club to do that, so we were like the first, last & final piece of the jigsaw for them & holding up the entire scheme.

They had waited a year, but now they were done waiting…

All we could do was look to a sign, that has morphed over the years into our business plan.

We used to (& still do) keep it on our office wall. A massive version now hangs in the ground floor of the Club.

We studied it, stayed focused & just kept on keeping on, believing the universe, karma & the power of music…

(Yes chums, that is what we actually believe & we can of we like) ….would help us somehow.


The WHQ Business Plan