Milk the cow podcast

The herd is big

The Milk The Cow Podcast is a downloadable radio show & also a facebook discussion group based in Newcastle. It’s well established now with over 70K of followers & is really, really unique.

Unique in that the Facebook group is in many people’s opinion, the go to place to find out what is actually happening in the world & what ordinary people think about things.

Natter, chat, waffle & debate.

The herd is vocal

All kinds of people make posts, comment, argue, get support & discuss every issue known to man. Often political, often funny, it strikes that balance between being a home for both factual information, honest emotion & picking apart totally nuts conspiracy theories.

You really have to have a look at it to get just how far reaching the topics covered can be…

It's a bit of a Moovment.

If you had to pick between watching Newsnight or reading some of the threads on there, you’d be better off opting for the latter, as you’d get a far better insight as to what people living round here & beyond think about the world.

On an unrelated, artistic note, it also fits exactly, with that cute flyer we did for our WHQ website a while ago, the one that had the little cow from Amsterdam on it, with the teat.

You can download the radio podcast from the web, which regularly features a wide array of differing guests chatting about whatever’s happening in the world at the moment.

Y' git me..?

The speech is free

Unashamedly local, but with a global reach, this is a group you wanna join & contribute to. It really is that good & unlike virtually every other media outlet – it actually is ‘Free Speech’ & by that, we mean proper free speech.

Not the waffle (so called) media feeds you via that box in the corner.

Which box..?

That one, that is busy, right now, raising your children...

Get it said Laddie.

Here’s a link to the facebook group which you should join immediately.

& also their website where you can listen to all their podcasts.

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