58. The arrival of the Soundsystem of Dreams

The Arrival of the Sound System of Dreams

This was such a significant stage & major leap forward, in the evolution & History of World HQ, that we’ve given it it’s own special, massive page, over in the Stuff we like section.

We don’t want over nerd you, here in the middle of a story – So in SWL we’ve written in detail, all about our game changing ‘Soundsystem of Dreams’ for anyone who’s interested & we’ll keep it nice & brief here.

Suffice to say it sounds totally amazing & looked a bit like this, on the day the first stage of the install arrived…



Perfect sound is what we chase at WHQ & that’s what we now have & on a level that simply does not exist elsewhere.

We wanted to change the game totally for both the Club & the city, so we commissioned & funded a bespoke, new, cutting edge Void Soundsystem.

One that is totally over-specced & so bliddly far ahead of the curve Рthat it is best described as a piece of Sonic Art (which it is, by the dudes who installed it for us).

If you want all the all the inside gossip about it, check out the page over in Stuff We Like called ‘Having the Soundsystem of Dreams’.