51. Vogue Checks us out


In April 2014, totally out of the blue, the international fashion bible ‘Vogue’ featured a fab preview of our ‘World HQ Uplifting Groove’ weekend parties…

(Reader’s voice: Really..?Yup, really!)

They also printed one of our flyer images & our website address…

It was really, really nice of them to do that & totally unexpected.


PR Wafflers

What this actually meant though, was along with all the fabulous props we got from our female chums, we also started to get loads of really pushy people ringing up & emailing us like nutcases, to ask…

‘Who is your PR company…?’

We found that bizarre, as we don’t use PR companies or anything of that nature to make features like that happen…

We just do our very best to run a great Club & over time, we assume that must register, both locally & nationally, making cool, switched on publications like them take notice.

Nigela was on the cover too & we thought that was really, really cool..!

You can’t overstate the reach, awareness & impact that being included in a publication like Vogue can bring…

Many people & businesses would happily pay a fortune for that – Not us though, so it was a real surprise & kinda underlines their integrity as the World’s top, switched on magazine for all you fly ladies.

How they found out about us we will never know, but we wrote & thanked them, as that’s the way our Mums taught us to behave.

All in all it was a really nice compliment to be included & a great big high five, for all you switched on girls who party each weekend with us at WHQ, properly get what we are about & love the Club.


What does it really mean..?

Proof that you don’t really need PR companies, Marketing Departments, religion, or any daft stuff like that…

Just run a genuinely girl friendly Club, do good things & good things will happen to you x.