21 May Two Floors

World HQ's Open House - Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health is one of the biggest issues facing our communities and everyone has a friend, or someone close to them that has encountered an issue in their life. To celebrate this year's Mental Health Awareness Week we're opening up all three floors of World Headquarters to our communities to join us, socialise, dance & come together. An alcohol-free zone, for your mind, body & soul.

The ground floor will be all about dancing with a high energy DJ set accompanied by an MC to keep you moving. There will be an eclectic mix of house, trance, UK bass, and garage to energise your mind body and soul. If you love dancing but not too late at night and without alcohol present then come and dance with us!

On the first floor, we'll be hosting an area with various local mental health charities, who will be about for a chat. This is an opportunity to interact with and learn more about different mental health organisations that are on your back door step so that you can better access support should you need it!

We'll also be opening up the second floor, normally our green room and office during the day - where some of the team will be hosting DIY arts & crafts stations, alongside our pool table, table tennis and fußball table.

You are welcome to attend any & all floors / navigate the floors as you please. We're excited to welcome everyone to the venue on Tuesday 21st May from 7PM for a positive event to spread awareness and come together as a community.

You can sign up for free to attend here >> https://store.ticketing.cm.com/WorldHQOpenHouse

By signing up we can get a clearer number of attendees which helps us to staff the venue accordingly 🌍

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