Baseball Style T-shirts

We have some fly, Baseball style T-shirts, which are £15.00 a pop (plus postage) & pictured below. They have our standard, ‘I believe in the the multiracial thing & love,’ text on the back of them.

They come short sleeved & we usually have them with black, red, or navy blue sleeves & stock all the main sizes.

At the moment though, we only have L & XL Black & White. All colours will be back in stock real soon.

Click this little link to buy this supa-fly garment. They’re a dapper little number & also a nice way to show people which side of the line you are on.

Get in touch & we will sort you out. You will be amazed by the quality, as we originally only ever made them for our staff team & to give away as prizes, in our legendary Halloween competition.

Here is Ronnie, the World HQ Dog, wearing her T shirt in Winter, back when she was just a Pup, all curled up in the bed… You can read her life story over in ‘Stuff We Like’.

Ronnie the dog snoozing
Ronnie the WHQ dog snoozing...
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