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Mungo's Hi-Fi Freshers Skank

30 Sep

WHQ Presents : Don Letts (Dj Set)

25 Nov

NYE : The Uplifting New Year Groove : Tom Caulker (8 hour solo set)

31 Dec

Congo Natty, with Iron Dread, Nanci & Congo Dubz

07 Oct

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This week in the club

Hiya Gorgeous...!

Welcome to our little Club & corner of cyberspace, where you are in for a treat..!

WHQ Club is totally separate from the rest of the city & do our own unique, racially harmonic thing, in the same friendly way we have for decades.

We're independent & can say what we like, so our site is bursting with amazing stories, quality shows, gossip & fully optimised, so mad easy to snoop about. Thanks for visiting us.

As you'll see, this is what we have chosen to do with our lives - so we hope you'll fall in love with World HQ Club.

We built it right here, especially for you, in the hope that you would... x