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Welcome to the new World Headquarters Club Website

Hello Gorgeous..! Thanks for visiting our cute little site. We’re busy, uploading a Spring line up that is bigger & better than ever..! We’ve amazing shows on the way & will be announcing a stack of new events over the coming days. We hope you come to love the Club & our site. We built them here especially for you, in the hope that you would x.

This week in the Club

Wednesday we welcome Analog to the club for their first ever event & launch party, supplying the best in all things techno – from the soulful & beautifully melodic to the crazy & utterly relentless..!!

Then Thursday it’s  MISTA, along with guests & Disco specialists Get Down Edits. As all their shows so far have proved to be real crowdpleasers, we’re confident the lads will will continue the trend!

Friday Upstairs Tom, our resident DJ, will begin the weekends WHQ Uplifting groove, all night long. Whilst downstairs, from 9 pm, The Sulcus gang are back in the Club for another one of their impressive parties, with a live set from Terreke (l.i.e.s) & a DJ set from Jon K (hoya:hoya).

Then on Saturday night, the WHQ Uplifting Groove continues as ever with Tom behind the 1’s & 2’s. Downstairs, Simmer Down present the beautiful, hand crafted valve-a-tron Soundsystem which, sounding as good as it looks, will be pumping out authentic Reggae rhythms all night long..!!

Rounding off the week nicely we’ve a bank holiday Sunday party unlike any other anywhere in the city… Downstairs the Exhale crew return providing the best in 90’s Trance, House & Garage anthems! Whilst upstairs, Shake are back to belt out the best in Hip-Hop & R&B..!!

Exhale Shake

New shows are coming in daily, so please check back as there is a load more to come, this really is gonna be our biggest ever Season of events, with way more shows than we even had during our massive, epic Autumn Season. Check the calendar, it’s gonna be totally 100%…

banans 2

Newcastle Unity Festival

There’s a game changer on the way this May Bank Holiday – Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ll have heard that we’ve joined forces, with group of our chums to bring an amazing free anti-racism Festival to the city. For all the juicys, click on the image below to see the website. Click here to visit the facebook event & if you can spare a crust, to help, please do x.


Halloween Competition Launches soon… (honest)

Thanks so much to everyone who made 2014’s Halloween 2 day Spookathon so totally fabulous..! As you have probably guessed, we are a bit behind with writing it all, due to the high volume of shows we have had on last Season & the fact that the Spring one has totally exploded..!. Think it’s starting to sound like our famous 2012 Halloween debacle…? No of course not chums..! – it won’t be long now & here’s a little taster movie of the fun in store… x.

We’ll get it all done asap & get the whole caboodle posted up here as soon as we can. We’re aiming for mid February now, as the only time we get to write it is when everyone else is fast asleep… We have now employed a handsome new office Chimpanzee / tea making Baboon, called Conor, to assist us with all the typing, so it’ll not be long now & will be well worth the extra wee wait. Thanks again to everyone who dressed up & took part in this record breaking epic.


All about our website…

Everything you could possibly want to know about World HQ is on this site, as well as extra info on the best bits of Newcastle & a myriad of other stuff we think is astonishing, cool & worthwhile

You can also find out all the background to Curtis Mayfield House Independent Multiracial Arts Venue, which is home to World HQ Music Club & a whole load of other really cool things.


There is news on the forthcoming development of our new floor, stuff about monkeys & our multiracial groove. We also feature a ton of reviews of other cool places & stuff about Newcastle life that you may find useful, if you’re dropping in from out of town, or visiting this weekend with your fly chums. To find out all about who we are, just click on the little grey arrow below…

Whats on

Club stuff

  • tiger orang Join WHQ

    Friendly people are welcome to join our cute, musically & racially harmonic little Club.

  • Lost (1) Lost Property

    Dignity, or virginity..? No. Mobile phones, coats, hats, handbags, false legs..? Yes.

  • 71029170 WHQ Merchandise

    T-Shirts, fly hoodies, coffee mugs, slipmats, all with our multiracial groove on them.

  • litle plum Ticketgate

    A trés topical, modern day fable of media nonsense & several smacked botties...

  • victor Complaint Corner

    Some of the often ludicrous nonsense that gets sent to us & what we say back.

Stuff we like

  • ron-5 Baby Ronnie WHQ’s Pup

    She's a little angel & is our WHQ mascot. Share in all her crazy adventures here.

  • wookie Battle by Wookie

    Soundtracked World HQ's struggle to survive, when our original venue got flattened.

  • hamster-wheel Rescue your own Coconut

    If you can't see the lines you used to think you could read between look in the Clearing

  • muhammad_ali1 King of South Shields

    The Cult Ali documentary, made by Bridge & Tunnel Films, part financed by us.

  • crook-logo Crooklyn

    Spike Lee's greatest movie & a total game changer for modern Black cinema...

  • Tiny insects, with minute brains, working together in total co-operation, in the complete darkness... David The Master

    We all love David. He is the biggest star in WHQ & here we explain the reasons why.

  • brian-eno Brian Eno

    The inspirational artist & record producer & his major influence on The WHQ Club.

  • IAmIraq The Refugee Service

    West End Refugee Service care for folks in real need, that could have been you.

  • 75084 The Promised Land

    A Chicago House classic. Soundtracked our 80/90's. This song came true for us.

  • the-cluny-newcastl_1451649c Bars We Really Rate

    If you want to go drinking & wish to avoid orange people in really daft vests, go here.

  • cool-places-to-eat Cool Places To Eat

    If you get lucky & want to stuff your face, here's where to get ultimate nourishment.

  • m w 2 The Ape Rescue Centre

    Monkey World in Dorset is one of our fave places which we visit as much as we can.

  • artworks-000039446938-0gdrtq-t300x300 Ce Ce Rogers Someday

    One of the many songs that aligned us with the struggle in South Africa in the 1980's

  • srtrc 2 The Red Card.org

    Show Racism the Red Card are a very cool, charity from round here that WHQ loves.

  • Img_0596 The Mara River Mural

    The most ambitious mural in the Club, that took forever & a day to complete. It rocks.

  • 001 World HQ Speaks…

    Ronnie on Channel 4, Vogue, Curtis Mural & the System of Dreams

  • Wipe Your Paws Coir Fiber Door Mat Welcoming New Students

    Thought we'd say hi & break it down for you, if you have just rocked up in Newcastle.

  • hallowweb Halloween 2009

    Ultra High Quality Zombie Maiden went up against Sadaam & those Grapes.

  • Dsc_0900 Halloween 2010

    The year 5* Transformer rocked & Lady Gaga wore her bacon dress to the do.

  • Dsc_0284 Halloween 2011

    5* Zip girl, Die Pod, Zombie Sheep & for the entire Witch category... a right spanking!

  • skeleton-computer1-200x200 Halloween 2012

    This year became a debacle & we announced the winners 13 months late...

  • 2 Halloween 2013

    The winners of this year's mad competition have been announced...

  • z 3d-puppet-pushing-earth-9787586 Jobs with WHQ in 2015

    Work hard, make money, work hard, make friends, work hard & eat bananas..?

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