24 Nov Live at:

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours with the Transatlantic Ensemble live @ The Fire Station Sunderland

With outstanding, sell-out shows across the UK including The Fire Station back in February, this amazing collective of session musicians & vocalists return to Sunderland & invite you to experience one of the greatest albums of all time, recreated live, along with many more F Mac classics.

There’s just something so evocative about the Rumours album, something that strikes a chord with every true music fan.

It’s sound-tracked the lives of multiple generations and to see it performed live in 2022 (well over forty years since its original release) in its entirety and to such perfection will be a truly memorable experience to be a part of.

If you’re a fan of the album, this stunning performance by this incredible ensemble, is quite simply something you cannot afford to miss.

Ask anyone – believe what you hear & be sure to fetch your singing voice!

Tickets on sale now: Standing / dancing £22.00

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