23 Jul Two Floors

Bend & Shake - UK Pride

Bend&Shake is queer party in NCL ran by women & non - binary People of the Global Majority. All are welcome but this event is to provide safe space for women, trans men & women, QIPOC & asylum seekers. 

We're really excited for Sister Shack's UK Pride event. With the absence of what they feel is a truly inclusive pride in the North East, they've decided to host a party that they feel will offer an alternative to the Newcastle scene which they feel misses out authentically representing other marginalised communities. 

They also want to offer music that doesn't just stick the idea of what "queer culture" is. They'll be offering two floors of multi-genre, with drum and bass, techno, house for all you revellers.

Tickets >> https://store.ticketing.cm.com/BendShakePride

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