42. World HQ & Curtis Mayfield House open March 2003

Opening night

Finally, after all the struggles, we opened WHQ in Curtis Mayfield House on March 11th 2003.

(Readers’ voice: – Praise the Lord! I thought we were never gonna get there..!!)

The first record played in the new World HQ was Here Comes the Sun by Nina Simone.

On a separate note, as we were updating the site we just clocked the hilarious inclusion of ‘Bomb Toilets’ as a sales pitch on the poster above…

Ha! kinda tells you just how far we’d come!

Here is the ticket from the opening night. You better believe it, the whole town wanted one of these little beauties…

We had a fabulous opening night, all our chums who went to the Old Club came & everyone loved it. We were all so happy & so proud.


The Media gets shunned

We didn’t invite any media bods along & didn’t do any media or advertising at all on the opening.

We declined interviews in the local press etc as we wanted to keep it on the Old Skool vibe – friends & friends of friends.

So it was just like when we opened the Old Club, with the same core values…

Only now it was fourteen years later & World Headquarters Club had more friends, had reached more people & was a bigger culture.


Still hustling

Even with all the earlier Ape hustle, we still owed the builders a massive amount of money on completion

Luckily, now they had worked with us & knew us, so they were cool to wait a while. They knew we were good for it & we gave them the (very sizable) balance over the next few months after we were open.

This was a really exciting time for everyone on our scene & gave us all a massive lift.

We had made it to the new place by the skin of our teeth & had big plans.

At last we could branch out, work with organisations we wanted to support, up our visual game & have a really nicely laid out place to properly let things loose.

Ideas were coming out of our ears & we were buzzing.

(Editor’s note: A Classic, visual depiction of the WHQ way…)

We’d reflected our love of all things natural in previous publicity, but now we had a lot of wall space, we decided to get it up in lights…

This was our chance, to move many of the ideas we had only dreamed of into reality & large pictures of endangered, beautiful animals were the very first thing we displayed.

It took years for the gravity of the situation to hit us & by then we were open, rammed & the builders paid off.

The Exodus was complete & it was time to click this little image…

Justice x.