13. Walls & walls of Club Culture

Having Dope publicity

You can see some of the old posters for all our many past Clubs covering all the walls above your head, as you walk into the front lobby of WHQ.

(Editor’s note: Little Sarah, who kept an eye on our Club night’s doors, to ensure we didn’t get (too) skimmed by unscrupulous Club owners & doormen).

These two (directly below) are for the Mickey Mouse Club (see what we did there readers..?)  that we ran in Club Afrika & the other one is from Chambers in Sunderland which ran really successfully for years & was fairly hilarious…

Especially when they eventually decided they wanted all the loot for themselves so they booted us…

Only to return crying a year later when no one went any more – Oh how they begged… Ha!

Classic Trent Collage poster from around 1990 & a 1997 WHQ belter from the Old Club days.

That’s Herb Alpert, showing that dusky young lady his ample horn, in classic from the Old Club. The one on the right is one we opened WHQ at Curtis Mayfield House with in 2003.

The Central poster is lifted from a cover of a supa rare 60s Motown, Temptations, album called ‘Wish it Would Rain. It was used for Rockshots from 2 months after the take downs.

Nice little Funky Nasa (get it..?) jobbie from around Millenium time at the Old Club & a really cool Ear*ga*sm one from around ’93.

The original artwork for the first ever Rockshots poster. the one that helped put everybody’s noses out of joint. Classic Letraset job. When we printed it we did it A2.

Super cocky, game coming out of our ears, 1991 job. An all black A2 with just these words…

The Baby Sax image was used for Rockshots in ’89 & also later for Ear*ga*sm.

The next one is a great looking image featuring the metal badge & using the Impact typeface. It still looks really powerful today, no wonder it worked so well.

This was lifted from a rare Gospel album & listed all the Clubs we did at the time. A lot of our posters were sampled from rare record covers, the baby one, above was too.

As House music filtered in towards the end of the 80’s, the Thursday we did at Rockshots started to evolve more in that direction.

We’d given the night a couple of names, at first it was the company name ‘Determination Inc’ & now we changed that & went for ’The Sound of Music.’

The colour poster above & central in the snap below, as you can see, is for Sound of Music & the really naff one bottom left, is from the Club we did over in Carlisle, The Front Page.

On the right are a couple of Ear*ga*sms, the lower of which is a really cool image…

This top left image, with the multiracial babies, as you’ll read further down, turned out to be a somewhat inappropriate…

(Editor’s note: understatement of the century..?)

…poster for Bigbird, the nuts Club we ran in Edinburgh in 1989.

Then during the period as the 80s played out & the 90s dawned, a new drug called Ecstasy arrived in Newcastle for the first time.

The scene exploded – & we do mean properly exploded…