52. The chimps that built the nest

Monkey Magic

‘Curtis Mayfield House & World Headquarters Club are the direct result of a motivated, constantly evolving team & it’s many supporters, bonding & working together, totally outside of mainstream culture, to promote art, musical diversity & racial harmony in Newcastle…

All done whilst singing & dancing around, to the best soundtrack anyone could ever possibly imagine…’


This little troop of ours…

Our one regret, is that we wish that we’d asked everybody who has ever worked with us, the full crew, to bring in a passport photo on the night of their first shift, from right back in the Trent days to the Club gang of today.

Then we could have kept them & by now we would have had a massive collection of Gibbon’s heads (Ha!) to put up on this website.

Next to each Baboon, we could have put a little funny story about them, when they worked here & it would have been really cool & potentially hilarious.

Never mind, you can’t have everything, but we do thank every single beautiful, talented, little primate, who has ever been on our team.

We did manage to find a few old photos of some of our ex staff & we have displayed them here, below.

If you used to work here, have a little peek – Perhaps there will be a picture of you..?

‘Hang on a minute… Look..! There, bottom left..!! Isn’t that your bumhole..?!

You all know who you are & what we did, so go & reward yourself with a nice ripe banana… x