44. The Amazing WHQ Murals

‘Yeah, they are meant to be awe inspiring & they are…

People are supposed to stop & wonder, why in the world, would anyone ever even bother to do that..?’

(WHQ Resident Dj, speaking about the amazing murals, in the Channel 4 documentary about the Club available to watch now nationally on All4, search : ‘Any Colour You Like’)

A Club with Tattoos

We really take our time to change anything in the Club. It is always evolving in terms of how it looks.

Our aim is to in time, decorate all the inner walls with high quality murals & pictures of things we are interested in that reflect the culture of our Club & the groove of the type of people who come here.

We have already created many beautiful things.

Murals take time. Time to decide what to paint & time to decide who gets to paint them.

We always use people who are already working with us as members of staff. Many of our mob study art & if they have even a hint of the skills, they are promptly press ganged into creating murals they never even believed they could paint.

From bar & cloakroom staff to doormen, if they have the shapes, we have the ultimate task ahead.

Over in ‘Stuff We Like’ you can read the backstory of how some of our Murals were created.

Eventually we see WHQ growing into a kinda tattooed body, or big painted ‘cave’.

A direct evolution from when early men decorated the caves they lived & celebrated in, with images of the things they held dear, or felt had power & were major influences on their everyday lives & survival…

(You’ll read this rationale again, deeper in the site in Complaint Corner, everyone wants in & thus, we have to keep explaining how we roll).

It’s the same thing & that same inner human drive to instinctively do that. Just the Club is now the cave & the inner caveman, that’s still latent, somewhere inside us all…

(the one all those daft adverts, on telly blind us from) … has been freed up by all the far out music we play.

Popping out again today in WHQ, many centuries later, as part of the overall groove we present.

Every single thing on display in the Club has a significance to the ends we are trying to achieve, in terms of music, racial harmony & raising awareness of environmental issues.

It’s also nice for our regulars to see the weeks & months it takes, to create a truly great mural & watch it develop & grow from a basic line drawing, to a warm, colourful, fabulous thing.

Chic mural downstairs...

Each Mural has it’s own unique story & we are gonna write the story of the Bob Marley mural on our back stairs. It will be over in the ‘Stuff We Like’ bit soon.

We’ll be explaining all the thought behind it & also just how hard we had to fight, to get the Lion’s peepee & Lamb’s teats just right…

Here come the girls

We have just finished work on a really nice set of new murals, focusing on really cool & inspirational female icons, that we’ve looked up to, dig & think are really important.

These women have been a massive influence on a great many people’s lives, including ours, so we decided we would hang out with them, in the Club forever.

They are side by side above the Cloakroom in the downstairs Club & are the beginning of a truly massive, feminine series.

We don’t do daft female celebrities or (supposedly) ‘sexy’ individuals, like old Ma Kardashian, or whatever…

We would rather paint & share our walls with natural females…

Strong, gentle, true, understanding, deep, powerful alphas, who expand thinking & human consciousness, make outstanding art & give their lives to make the world a better place.

With that in mind, we bring you…

Feminist icon, all round great person – Germaine Greer. Alongside her, Mother of Disco & us all – Donna Summer.

Next in line, the greatest living female artist & massive, massive influence on WHQ – Joni Mitchell.

Next up it’s Civil rights activist, feminist revolutionary, Black Panther – Angela Davis.

To top it all off it’s the lady who holds the accolade, of being the artist who sang the first record ever played in WHQ the day we re-opened, after relocating to Curtis Mayfield House in 2003…

‘Here comes the Sun’ by the late, great, super influential, ultra Black, beautiful & mighty – Nina Simone.

We hope you like our new mural’s groove, it’s actually finally finished now…

(Editor’s note: & the artist, Joey, has run away to live in a van to get away from your endless, endless tweaks…)

(Reader’s Voice: Oh come on..! Is that actually true..?)

(Editor’s note: Yes 100%)

… So we’ll take a dapper photo of it when we get through updating the website & whack it up here.


More Mural gossip…

As you can see the standards & WHQ traditions we have all come to expect, are being maintained & the ‘Here come the Girls’ murals have been done by Joey, a member of our Club staff & crew.

He takes so flippin’ long we could kill him…

But his gift is so pure, that we love & are lucky to have him, so he gets the Cantona treatment instead.

Joey did the massive, amazing ‘Remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing’ Curtis Mayfield mural upstairs, which as you can clearly see, is another total masterpiece…

Poor Joey, he’s got so sick of us that he escaped & went off to live in a van (Editor’s note: Ha! told you…)

But he’s back now, giving our man Fela Kuti the mural treatment, in his obligatory speedos…

Here’s a peek…


The white, hound shaped gap, is where Ronnie, the WHQ Dog is gonna go, right next to Fela, as they are both such free spirits.

All our murals are awe inspiring & thus, better seen in person.

None of them say who they are on them, except the one of Chic, downstairs, which has a small explanatory sign next to it.

That’s why this massive one of Charles Darwin, also from the upstairs Club, is affectionately known as -‘Santa’s Day Off,’ after a customer asked us once, if that’s what it was a picture of..?! Priceless.!!

Soon as we get time, we’ll do a massive bit in Stuff we like covering the lot of them, in our usual full on, finickety, tunnel vision, semi-humorous, ludicrously exhaustive, never ending, meandering (Stop it…!website detail – for your enjoyment.

We’ve had such a laugh with all the many different staff members we’ve worked with over the years, who have contributed murals to the Club, it would be a proper crime not to write all the yarns up.

There are twisted stories of initial grooming, imprisonment, sleep deprivation, light torture, OCD, extreme human endurance & everything challenging, that can possibly happen to a fledgling, young artist (barring underpayment…)

Locked, right there in the brushstrokes, of every single one.