61. Thank You

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Thanks again, for visiting our site & taking the time to get to know us. We hope you found the backstory to the Club to be an entertaining & informative one.

Apologies for the length of it all, but we wanted to put down every detail, so that people who are really interested in the Club, can find out all about it’s origins.

We also wanted all the many people who have worked on our team helping us & all our many friends & supporters, to be reminded of the fun nights they have spent in our company & realise exactly what it is – That we have all built together.

We kinda thought it would be good for a long train journey too, if you have a tablet, laptop, or just like to muck about on your phone.

Or for being propped up in hospital, if you have broken one of your legs… you know – kill a bit of time for you..?

Well, you now know exactly what we are all about, why we made WHQ exist & what it all means.

Our Spring 2018 line up is shaping up nicely, so check out our Events & we’ll look out for you dancing with us real soon (assuming your leg is better).

Now just ‘cos you’ve read the history, don’t you go thinking this site is over..!

Get yourself over to ‘Complaint Corner’ & ‘Stuff We Like,’ to get a close up look at all the fun, favourites & nonsense, that makes WHQ tick as Underground #1.

We hope you come to really love the Club – we built it here for you in the hope that you would…

Love from the team behind World Headquarters Music Club & Curtis Mayfield House xx.

‘Nothing of any real or lasting value was ever achieved by people who conformed…’



WHQ Club – Spread love – Stand firm x.