46. Publicity

The way we roll

We’ve always tried to do good quality publicity to represent what we’re into properly.

That’s the whole point of this site.

So people can see what we are about & decide if they fancy coming dancing, or to share some art with us.

We invest a lot of our time in making & honing flyers & publicity. We never use outside design agencies for WHQ stuff & all publicity is produced in our office.

This is not a brand identity type thing, it’s just been a natural progression.

As time goes by & we get better at it, we constantly believe the last flyer we did was our best ever work, until we do the next one…

It’s that kind of obsessive streak, that runs right through every single thing we do with regard to WHQ.

You can probably work that out, from the way we present this website & the level of detail we go into.

We do that because the Club is life.


Fly examples

We used to always do a folding flyer each year & in 2004, were finally able to show what we had going on at the new Club on it.

The flyer was a kind of mini book you could fit in your pocket.

Each side had six square faces & each face folded over, so that it would concertina open, with the Club on the front & Trent on the back.

If you are on a desktop, click to enlarge this later version (below) & you’ll see most of the text on it, as well as being ultra, ultra, ultra tight, is incorporated in some way around this site…

That’s evolution for you.

Here is an example of one of our fab, double sided flyers.

It’s a pastiche of an ‘Innocent Juice’ carton & is super fly…

The back is even cooler, take a look…

Cute isn’t it..?

Well so are you Gorgeous & we are sending you some kisses, for reading our site xxxx.

Time to bin that Bar…

This is gonna hurt & we apologise in advance for that – But we need to go back & talk about this Trent thing again…

As after all this time, we are about to finally walk out on it.

So let’s give that green arrow a click & have a little chat about rats, cops & guns…