33. Ice Fm – Mid 90s

Nice Monkeys

Ice FM was a radio station that was set up by some monkey, Club promoter friends of ours called the Nice Boys, in the mid 90s.


The idea was to have like a trial license & then hopefully, be granted a proper radio license to be a real station.

That didn’t come to pass in the end, so it was really just a load of different Newcastle Djs who got together & had a crack at doing a proper, professional (You sure..?) radio station.

Breakfast is Served

Somehow we got roped into doing the Breakfast Show, which meant going on air from 8 am to 10 am every day, irrespective of how hungover you were from playing Clubs the night before.

Although it was total sleep deprivation city, Ice FM was completely mad & really, really funny.

Our show was puerile, very trivial & infantile (Really..?!) You go a little bit mad doing solo radio, as it’s like having a chat with somebody, who isn’t there.

So we would drag in people who worked at the Club & interview them, in a ludicrous & suggestive manner & we would pretend that lots of folks were ringing in, when in fact nobody ever did.

One thing it is good for though, is to tape all your best records….

(Editor’s note: That long ago..?!)

… & it turns out it’s true what they say, that if you are trying to communicate, it’s best to speak half as fast as you usually would.

rubber-bands-02Often we would arrive at the studio, which was in a hotel room in the middle of town & find gangs of mad people, having what at first glance appeared to be some kind of Hippie séance, filling the studio, having been in there all night.

You had to play (pirate based) advert cartridges as well & they would never work…

So every half hour you’d find yourself saying “Here are the adverts” & there would be complete silence… It was as if the whole station was run on elastic bands & super glue.

The genius Trent Ad

We got together with our chum Mick Henderson, who had access to a studio & recorded an advert for the Trent that we played on there.

We were lucky enough to have Sam Pryor, Richard Pryor’s niece (Yes that Richard Pryor), who was studying over here from the USA, working with us on our team at the Trent at the time…



So we used her fab accent & rapping skills & an instrumental version of ‘Genius of Love’ by the Tom Tom Club, to make the advert.

It was really, really cool, so we’ll try & dig out the old tapes we have of it & get it posted up here…

Despite it’s shortcomings, Ice FM was a hilarious laugh & looking back on it, it’s one of the funniest jobs that we ever had, even though we did it for free.

We cannot recall another period in our lives when we have laughed so much & that’s what life’s about readers..!

Ice FM was on a couple of times for about a month each stretch.


Our favourite ever show was Halloween, when our friend Tabu…

(Father of top Newcastle MC Louis Zico)

…came in & we spent the entire show, making scary animal noises & ghostly screeches, spinning tunes & generally trying to say the word ‘Spooky’ as many times as we possibly could in a two hour period.

It is true, that those simple, little, everyday things in life – make it all worthwhile…