37. Hustle time

Equestrian blinkers

So, we went to see our bank at the time & told them our ideas about moving.

But they couldn’t see past their fat cat bonuses & wouldn’t front the money for us.

They were proper dicks about it as well & didn’t even make a trip out to see the new building.

We knew we were far more switched on than them & that our ideas & the musical culture we represented, plus our determination, experience & drive, made a strong business case.

We knew what we could build & losing wasn’t an option. We were well miffed &

(to their complete & utter amazement…)

we promptly sacked them & looked elsewhere.

Never forget that your Bank works for you, it’s not meant to be the other way around…

Humorously, the same Bank tried to get lure our account back ten years later in 2011 when we were well established.

Can you guess what we said..?


The Martin Campbell Factor

So we went hustling & after facing up to the fear of ending up with nothing, we re mortgaged anything that moved, kissed the Brewery boys again & secured the backing of a properly inspirational & forward thinking manager at our new bank.

He visited the derelict building & listened carefully to everything we said.

He then fronted a large chunk of the finance, based solely on his judgement, our track record & the strength of our ideas.

We were now entering a whole new world of financial borrowing, on a scale we could never have even dreamed of…

It was at this point that we sold the Marlborourgh Crescent building to the hungry developers & sunk the money into the new building.

Every single penny counted, so we stuck a clause in the sale agreement, that they had to allow us to occupy the old site for another year, so we could still keep WHQ Club open, play records, make money & retain continuity.

The idea was that year would give us time to do all the conversion work on the new Carliol Square building.

Guess what..? Yup, you guessed it – This was where the real problems began…