7. Holding The Line

Against racism

So in the early days of our journey through Newcastle’s nightlife, threats & intimidation were a constant & we faced them as a team.

One evening way back then, after a ruck in the Trent earlier in the day, we were awaiting the geezers involved, to return at any moment, to stove our ‘Black Coon’ heads in with baseball bats (as promised).

You can probably imagine the kind of tension going down, listening to the clock ticking, as we sat waiting at the Bar…

A young barmaid who had just started working with us at the time, called Deborah, was joking about, trying to diffuse that tension. She said ‘I don’t know what you are so uptight for, they’ll have to get through me before they get to you…’

We laughed & it did actually pop the atmosphere for a brief moment…

Having to stand up against racism from day one has had a big effect, on the way both the Trent & WHQ developed.

Having an overtly anti racist, pro harmony, unifying stance & clearly communicating that to people, has always set us apart in Newcastle.

Nowhere else shares our experiences, which have formed us into people happy to embrace unity & promote it honestly, as part of what we are & what we wish to represent.


Continuity over the generations

It’s now 33 years later & Deborah is still working with us… Queen of Complaint Corner, she runs the WHQ office & helps us to develop this whole, special World HQ thing. She is the ‘Fox’ over on the Contact Us page in the top menu.

Her young daughter Cree (who was not even born back then), also became Manageress of WHQ Club & lead our staff team from the very front until early 2015.

Millie, Debbie’s younger daughter has also worked with us at the Club too.

More & more, we meet the kids of people who used to drink at the Trent, or come clubbing with us in the early days, when they are in the Club now on a weekend.

Now we think you’ll agree readers, as we welcome the second generation of young people in Newcastle to our ever expanding groove – That’s (WHQ style) continuity for ya…

So, that line that we fought so hard to draw & risked so much to hold, back in the Trent days, is the exact same line we still hold today in WHQ.

Thankfully things have changed a lot & we’ve now nurtured & grown that original line, into an actual proper culture now. Our culture now represents racial harmony to thousands & thousands of people annually.

It’s a culture that is highly evolved & one that everyone who comes to & shares in our Club, clearly understands, respects & embraces.



Are you enjoying our little historical ramblings..? We hope so.

Now if you’d like to go & get yourself a nice cup of tea & a biscuit, we’ll tell you about some of the other cool angles we were hustling back in the 80s & how they have contributed to World Headquarters Club…