26. Ear*ga*sm

Vomit vs Blood

Fresh out of Afrika, we accepted an invitation, to play records on level 6 of the Students Union on Friday nights.

We called the night ‘Ear*ga*sm,’ & we brought our cute multicultural vibe to light up the University Union building every weekend.

This was a total breath of fresh air for us, as the University at the time was locked down, so you had to be a student to get in there on a weekend. Plus all the security were students, not steroid meat heads, so it was safe & trouble free. The biggest deal you might see there was someone slipping in a pool of their own bodily fluids…

But this time it was just vom, not blood & let’s face it readers, by now, we were more than happy to settle for that.

It felt great to be safe again & the longer we played there, the more we felt we weren’t ever gonna be happy, until we had a place that we really could properly call our own.