25. Club Afrika in the 90s

Pitbulls on the Bar

After the joys of our enlightening little Scottish jaunt, we were no longer willing to risk our lives for nonsense. This meant that we now fell out with the management at Club Afrika, as after a couple of years they just couldn’t manage the door security.

It had got to the point where people were threatening us with knives & quite literally bringing in pit bull dogs & sitting them on the bar…

Honestly, it was totally out of control & after witnessing a particularly spectacular beating in there (which left us covered in blood as we tried to protect the victim) – we left.

Foolishly, we returned months later for a short while, because they got desperate & offered us double the money to play there again.


& We’re off…

It was the same deal with the security though, so we left again. We’d seen it all before & it just wasn’t worth the hassle for any wage packet.

By now Club drugs were big business & violence on Club doors all over the region, was on the rise again.

Some of the things we saw go down in some places we worked, were well dodge & we knew that we really needed to desperately push for a Club of our own now, asap.

We couldn’t keep putting our name to random places we didn’t control & we didn’t want to be associated with violence & the actions of out of control, steroid addled Doormen, or understaffed, out of control Nightclubs.