5. Amsterdam – Home from Home

Dam Dam & more Dam

From the very first time we ever went to Holland, we loved it. From that point on all our wages went funding trips to Amsterdam, where we just felt more at home.

From the start, the more liberated Amsterdam bar culture became a major early & lasting influence on us.

We fell properly in love with Amsterdam & went there to do all our thinking & to dream.

Over in the Dam you didn’t get the kind of hassle you would in England, living the kind of lifestyle we were rocking at the time.

It was so laid back & a far more open, liberated & welcoming culture than the UK & certainly Newcastle, had ever been to us.

We hung out in & (though we didn’t realise we were doing it at the time…) studied all that great city’s many Bars & Clubs.

We were just young, hanging out & having a cool time, but just like when we were working in the Arcade, we were always switched on & noticing & learning stuff.

We spent so much time out there, it got to the point where we really felt we knew Amsterdam & it’s cool bar culture – inside out.

We have maintained our love affair with Amsterdam & many memorable, hilarious & pivotal moments in our lives have been spent there with great friends.

Later in the 80’s we saw acts like De la Soul & Public Enemy on their first tours there, so a love of & respect for the Dam will never leave us.

It’s been the inspiration & backbone of every single idea we’ve ever realised.

Anyway, we digress – There were only a handful of places in Newcastle that offered any respite from the mind numbing boredom of the 80’s…

One of them was this little Bar, called the Trent House, near the footie ground, tucked up on Leazes Lane.