54. WHQ 1993 – 2163 The next 150 Years

Endless love

At World Headquarters the hustle never sleeps & we have proper game.

Over 2012 & 13 we locked ourselves in & began working hard behind the scenes, on mega stressful & super complex, background legal negotiations with Newcastle City Council, to secure the future of Curtis Mayfield House & World Headquarters Club for the next 150 years.

After yet another monumental struggle (never..!) we have now, finally bought out the ground lease that we had, for the next 150 (yes kids, that’s right one hundred & fifty) years..!!

This means that the Club owns the bricks & mortar as it always did, but now doesn’t have to pay a ground rent to the council, for the land Curtis Mayfield House stands on, for the next 150 years.

It’s as near to a freehold as you can get & rare for the city center.

This was a very complicated & costly thing to do, but at World Headquarters we think long term…


Why do it..?

Once the area around us is eventually developed, ground rents will rocket & had we not made this move, in ten years time we may have found ourselves in a position, where WHQ couldn’t afford to remain in such a big city center location.

We fully realise, that everyone reading this will be dead, when this deal on the land Curtis Mayfield House stands on expires (or maybe even gets renewed again..?) in 150 years time.

But we would love it for the Club to still be here then & running along the same lines. That is our dream & what we want…

Why not..?

You only live once… So why not give it a go..?

We also accept, that many people will think we are borderline insane…

(Reader’s Voice: Well we’ve been reading your website & were starting to wonder…)

…to want to actually do that, but we believe WHQ is very special – Special like 4.12 in…



We don’t have to have the same value system & priorities as other people, businesses, or nightclubs do. Neither do you & we can if we like…

So we did & we did it on behalf of all the people who live like us, thinking freely, living freely & loving the Club.

In the Name of the Boss

We finally tied this up on December 5th 2013, the day Nelson Mandela passed away.

Everyone with a brain has a deep, personal connection to Mandela & to us, it felt like he hung on, waiting for us to finally pull it off, before he checked out…

He gave us so much, over so many years & we hope he’s proud of his World Headquarters. The one he helped us all build.

Any how, this latest move is now complete & we are now in a position to guarantee you all, that to there will be a World Headquarters Club at Curtis Mayfield House, in Newcastle city centre, for a at least long as anyone reading this page today, is alive & exists on this Planet…

‘We Got Togetherness’ & it makes all the difference. It doesn’t matter that it sounds like it was recorded on a 6 track washing machine…

Give it this image click & pay attention for the 8 claps that you need to put in the gap Soul people… Ha!

We hope you come to really love the Club – we built it here for you in the hope that you would.

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