59. World Headquarters in 2017

The World HQ of Today

It’s now been 33 years since we started running multiracial Bars & Clubs in Newcastle. Where did the time go..? It’s 24 years since we first opened WHQ & 14 years since we moved to Curtis Mayfield House & it is great. It’s everything that we hoped it would be & it was definitely worth all the stress & effort it took to move here.

The bigger capacity has allowed us to vastly increase the diversity of shows that we present.

Having such a great facility, has meant that we can do virtually anything we like & this has allowed us to support & help develop some really great & worthwhile projects.

There isn’t another Club in England that covers the range of music that WHQ does, joining the dots from the days of Lindy Hop & early Jazz…

Right the way through Funk, Reggae, Soul & House, to Dubstep, Grime & all the cutting edge modern genres.



What use all that hustle..?

One of the key motivators behind World HQ Club is to make what’s on offer in this city, in terms of entertainment, more diverse.

This often means us having to abandon any financial motives & just put stuff on because it is good. So what, if a really worthwhile event doesn’t make any money..?

(Editor’s note:

The Movie from 2015’s Free Anti Racist Newcastle Unity Festival, which tho a nightmare to stage, is up there as one of the most unifying days of many people’s lives…)



If our own ideas work well enough & we feel strongly it’s the right thing to do, we can still do it.

We work hard & this allows us to take chances on promoting minority events & make it really easy for people, who represent good causes to raise money here.

So if you are a charity that does cool things, you will be surprised just how much we can help, so get in touch.

If you check out the ‘Curtis Mayfield House’ tag in the ‘About Us’ menu, you can find out all the other exciting stuff that goes on in our building, as well as the Club.

We’ll be adding more chapters to the story, to expand on the last few years real soon, so do check back for more gossip, rambling & truth, from the unique, independent perspective that we inhabit.

Thanks to the thousands upon thousands of people who have passed through our doors since day one, we have been able to continue to be that Club.

The one we’d always dreamed we would build…

One that has a unique, original, positive & consistent input into Newcastle night life & represents musical quality & diversity, unity, racial harmony & fun.

In doing this, with all our friends, spanning across the last four decades…

We have provided a credible & cosmopolitan alternative to mainstream Newcastle, just as we always said we would.

So there you go Readers – We think it’s almost time to roll the credits…