53. The Amazing Mr Lynch

Mr Game

Around 1990 a young guy called Anthony Lynch, who was a student chimpanzee at Newcastle University had come & started working with us.

Anthony shared our obsession with WHQ & he went on to stay with us for 19 years & was involved in much of the history & struggles you’ll have read about in these words today.

In the art of ‘Game’ – players never came any stronger…

He became a key figure in our gang, leading our troupe of hard working, banana snafflers through years of successful jungle manoeuvres.

Anthony is married to Carrie, who he met while she was working with us too, back in the day & they have a baby boy called Jonah.

Anth is now part of the management team running ‘Royal Albert Hall’ in London & his tune is Genius of Love by the Tom Tom Club.

Could you now please all stand… & repeat with us the words – ‘All praise to Anthony..!’

Cos we wouldn’t be here & Curtis Mayfield House wouldn’t even have existed without this guy…

(Editors’note: Mr & Mrs Lynch, attending the wedding of Phil & Sinead, the mural Queen)