50. The kind of people & Djs we like & support

Can if we like

It’s our choice to work only with the types of organisations & artists that we feel are switched on & cool.

We always try to be involved in good stuff, so host awareness & fundraising events, alongside our usual, Uplifting, Weekend Groove, with people like Unison & the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

We have also done stuff with the West End Refugee Service, Show Racism the Red Card, The TUC, The Labour Party, the homelessness charity Making Winter Warmer, Coco & are up for assisting any quality organisation, in any way we can.

If you are involved with a cause, or have a minority event you would like to see happen, do feel free to get in touch with us & we will do our best to help you turn it into a reality.

Kids, just like we were…

We also aim to support, encourage & provide real, golden opportunities, for young switched on would be promoters.

Starting with absolutely no experience whatsoever, they can learn & grow to the point where by working with us, they turn their ideas & passions into proper successful, Club nights.

If that is you, have a look in ‘Hiring the Venue’, in the ‘About Us’ menu.

We aim to make it easier for you to put dos on & get your crew’s music heard than it was for us back in the day.

We do this all the time & have now contributed in helping build & sustain a network of promoters, local Dj’s, Mc’s & home grown Soundsystems here in Newcastle, that all work in the Club, as well as many other places.



It’s this local network of talented music & party innovators that helps keep WHQ going over the Summertime, when other Clubs in Newcastle run out of freshers to fool & struggle to stay afloat…

Apparently operating with stabbing each other in the back, telling porkies, spatting on facebook & being ‘Sir William Large Testes’ – as their business plan (??!!)

We don’t do any of that at WHQ. No one who works with us goes on like that, as it’s silly to.

Newcastle is a small city & you need to be nice to folks, as you always see them again.

Every year new promoters arrive & others find their way back to us…

All the kids who promote here work with us & with each other, never against one another, because that’s our culture & what sets us apart as a crew. It’s just like the little guy says…



You can really make it as a promoter here, because we know what we are doing, we keep our mouths shut, we give a fuck & we will always have your back…

Strength – No weakness x.


Our influential Dj & Club promoting chums

DJ wise, on the international scene, we have a load of great, cool chums too.

As we do with the Congo Natty Family, we tend to work with great A-List Djs & Crews that we respect & get on really well with, regularly & for as long as is possible.

Of the hundreds we have worked with, there are some who have been such an inspiration to us during certain periods of the Club’s development, that we have booked them time & time again, often eventually representing them exclusively in Newcastle.

Occasionally, their careers get so stratospheric that their agents can’t send them to a place this small anymore.

But we always enjoy the ride & influence they bring with to us, over the multiple shows we’ve hung out with them over many years & we always stay pals.

Great, standout Djs falling into this category include, Mark Ronson, James Lavelle, Trevor Nelson, Zane Lowe, DJ EZ, Mark Iration & The Don of them all – David Rodigan.

The music business can be really cut throat & each of these artists has added far more to WHQ than just sets of music…

We have many stand out Djs with us & that includes our Scottish Brothers that we hang tight with, the Mungo’s Hi Fi Crew.

We’ve had some amazing times together & we’ve always listened carefully to their advice, influence & respect for WHQ over the years & consider them our chums.

Other than Music & cool politics, all the Djs & Crews we respect have one other thing in common with us… They are Grafters.


The Local scene & politics

DarcusMany of the people promoting here have done so year in, year out.

Events & Club nights like Exhale, Soul Jam, Pirate Material, Lively Up, Dilate, Mista, Itchy Feet, Fresh, Gold Teeth, Nova, Queen B’s, Ital Guidance, Shabba & many others have become well established & regular fixtures in our calendar.

There is always a new generation coming through so check out our events section, to see who the breakthrough Club nights are at the moment.

Guest speakers like Shami Chakrabarti & Darcus Howe have also appeared here, so it’s an exciting, broad & diverse mix of events.

Unlike some low budget places, we never go poaching nights from other venues as it’s a poor & desperate look & we can grow our own anyway, so we don’t have to.

That said, we have been around so long, that we are on friendly terms with all the major promoters in Newcastle.


So heavy hitting crews like Shindig (who we go way back with) & Shake, who both run their main nights elsewhere, also make a point of popping in to see us on a Bank Holiday, Boxing Day, or whenever, to do a show here with us.

We will work with anyone we think is cool & ex staff, promoters & Old Skool chums of ours are scattered around, all over the Bars, Clubs & event spaces all over this city & far beyond…

shindig woolford

That’s what’s special about WHQ & the people who come.

It’s a completely separate culture from the rest of the city, yet everyone who’s musically switched on, still drops by & can totally respect & dig it.

A nice long list for the Dj nerds…

Tissues at the ready…!!

Below are just some of the many national & international artists that we have hosted, since WHQ reopened at Curtis Mayfield House in 2003.

It’s a long, list, that will doubtless bore you to tears, unless you are a musical or Dj nerd, currently unbuttoning your pants…

So do feel free to skip over to the next page, assuming you aren’t one & your chosen love partner is a real, actual person… Ha!

We are all going to look away now, so that those of you who are Dj nerds, can properly enjoy this list of DJs & have a little privacy…

Old flyers...

Mark Ronson, Frankie Knuckles, David Rodigan, Iration Steppas Soundsystem, DJ EZ, David Guetta, DJ Derek, Four Tet, Brenda Fassie, James Lavelle, The Reflex, Giles Peterson, Benga, David Morales, Maxi Jazz (Faithless), Jazzie B (Soul to Soul), Caspa & Rod Azlan, Zane Lowe, Roots Manuva, Soul Jazz Records, Trevor Nelson, Bloc Party, Joe Hot Chip, Congo Natty & Tenor Fly, Nanci & Phoebe, Congo Dubz, Nitin Sawhney, Evil 9, Instrument of Jah Soundsystem, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Route 94.


Second City, Richard Searling, Mark Rae, Prince Fatty, Dennis Ferrer, Joy Orbison, Breakage, Mj Cole, Marcus Intalex, David Holmes, Top Cat, Prince Paul, Biz Markie, Man Like Me, London Elektricity, Mary Anne Hobbs, Toddla T, Greg Wilson, Alix Perez, Nu:Tone, Paul Woolford, Benny Page, Vandal, Channel One Sound System, Redlight, Joy Orbison, Aba Shanti I Sound System, Serial Killaz, Aphrodite, Spencer Parker, Jesse Rose, Dj Zinc, Tom Middleton, Calibre, Funk D’void, Jerry Dammers (The Specials), Smoove & Turrell, Mr Scruff, James Zabiela,


George Fitzgerald, Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon, Jman, Physiks, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Roska, Youngsta, Proxima, Aphrodite, Buggsy & Royal T, Theo Kottis, Sunship, Digital Mystikz (Mala & Coki), Elliot Adamson, Hedex, Upgrade, Andre Hommen, A Guy Called Gerald, Marshall Jefferson, Hazard, Guv, Traumatik, Biggie, Bez (Happy Mondays), Amir Alexander, Romare, Dusky, Dan Shake, Scuba, Marquis Hawkes, Tama Sumo B2b Prosumer, Jane Fitz, Levon Vincent, Nick Hoppner, Man Without A Clue.


Jacky, Danny Byrd, Bunty, Ed Solo, Stevie Wonderland, TC, The Prototypes, Tonn Piper, Crissy Criss, Macky Gee, Majistrate, Taxman, Dilate, Devilman, Dj Guv, Harry Shotta, Friction & Linguistics, Nu Elelentz, Ic3, Skibadee, Stormin, Phantasy, Marcellus Pittman, Dimensions Soundsystem, Dirty Dike & Sammy B-Side, Sinai Sound System, Common Unity, Dubkasm, Ital Guidance Sound System, Biome, Distance, Tunnidge, Thelem, Dj Madd, Kromestar, Mc Brakeman,

Club flyers

Sukh Knight, Squarewave, Logan D, Mc Shabba D, Nomine, Wen, Flowdan, Four Owls, Ivy Lab, Audiojax, Horse Meat Disco, Hundred Watt Club, Kissy Sell Out, Audio, Insideinfo, Prince Fatty, Horseman, Slipmatt, Ray Keith, Daddy Freddy, Deekline & Rsd, The Heatwave, Asbo Disco, Don Caesar, Dreadsquad, Ras Demo (Demolition Man), Rodney P, Dj Shepdog, Dillinja, Goldie Lookin Chain, Phatworld V Squire Of Gothos, Spooky, Jinx In Dub, General Levy, Marvellous Cain, Jungle Citizens, Ragga Twins, Spectrasoul, N3gus, Mc Strategy, Fred V & Grafix, Mutated Forms, Crazy P, Taiki Nulight, Melã, Groove Chronicles, Woz, The Menendez Brothers, Zed Bias, The Newham Generals.


Royal T, Plastician, Nightshift, Grafta, Aries, Kahn, Sir Spyro, Elf Kid, Novelist, Dj Champion, Grandmixxer, Swindle, Flava D, Elijah & Skilliam, Chimpo, Ms Dynamite, Squire Of Gothos B2b Phatworld, Mumdance, Sticky, Addison Groove, Dj Luck & Mc Neat, Oxide & Neutrino, Sully, D Double E, Murlo, Tippa, Kry Wolf, Mella Dee, Dense & Pika, Bradley Zero.


Horse Meat Disco, Hunee, Move D, Signum, Andy Duguid, Joker, Alexander Nut, Jeremy Underground, Sub Zero, Jaydan, Dj Kon, Indicator, Al Zanders, P Money, Jammz, Aj Tracey, Rick Fury, Yoshi Riot, Rex Regis, Bake, Terekke, Jon K, Graeme Park, Kahn, Neek, Dave Haslam, Dean Paul Walton, Hyde & Beast, Tom Spirals, Kano…

There tonnes more we still need to add & the list just goes on & on.

Anyway, we’ll assume all you Dj nerds now have a happy ending…?

So we’ll leave it there for now with the lists – before your bellends drop off.