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The Transatlantic Ensemble presents : ‘Rumours’ Live – The 40th Anniversary Xmas Special @ The Wylam Brewery Palace of Arts

December 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Tonight’s show is totally sold out & there will be no tickets on the door.

Fresh off the back of their outstanding, sellout shows with us back in the Spring, the amazing ‘Transatlantic Ensemble’ are returning to Wylam Brewery.

This time for a Xmas special, once again performing Fleetwood Mac’s Album, ‘Rumours’ live & in its entirety…


You couldn’t have not heard about their last visits – Have a little click on the blue link below, to see a film clip of them taking the roof off the Brewery with ‘The Chain’ & read some of the amazing comments on facebook from back in May, when they were universally acclaimed as absolutely fantastic.


So if you missed out back then, this is your chance to witness, share in & relive the magic of one of the greatest albums of all time.

As well as their multiple, sellout Wylam shows with us earlier in the year, it’s no surprise that they’ve since been selling out with Rumours all over the country.

Now, we’re delighted to announce their return with this extra-festive date at Wylam on Sunday 17th December, which is now on sale.

The 40th Anniversary of Rumours

There’s just something so evocative about the Rumours album… Something that strikes a chord with every true music fan. It soundtracked a period of all our lives. To see it performed live in 2017, a full 40 years since it’s original release, complete & to such perfection, is a very special thing that you’ll really, really, love & enjoy being a part of.

The show takes place on the evening of Sunday, Dec 17th, in the Wylam Brewery Palace of Arts Main Hall.

As with all events, WHQ gets involved in around the festive season, this one will warm you right through – from your bones to your heart x.

With it being a Sunday we have an earlier than usual showtime, doors to the show are open from 7pm & Tom Caulker (WHQ DJ) is playing sweet music either side of the band, to properly set the scene & the Transatlantic Ensemble will be on stage by 8.00 pm-ish.

Please share this page, spread the word & tell all your best friends that the Transatlantics are back..!

*We’re also working with them to bring their amazing David Bowie show up to Newcastle in January, so keep your eyes peeled for that too x.

*This event is another ‘World Headquarters & Nat Turner Live’ presentation.