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Body Talk: ALFOS with Sean Johnston

March 6 @ 11:00 pm

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**Important statement from the Promoters**

‘As you may well know Andrew Weatherall sadly passed away in London on Monday morning. Andrew was a huge influence on us in so many aspects that it’s completely impossible to narrow his impact.

We all were absolutely enthralled by his vision of music, art culture and style which resonated with us so much. Andrew truly set the pace from the start and continued to do so up to the end. He genuinely was the best of us in so many respects.

So, taking time for everyone to gather their thoughts and importantly consulting with Andrews close friends, family and management, we’ve decided collectively to go ahead with the approaching ALFOS/Body Talk party on Friday, March the 6th. All proceeds from the event will now go towards three of Andrews favoured charities: Amnesty, Thrombosis UK and Multiple Sclerosis UK.

We’re also delighted to announce that Sean Johnston will still be playing the event.

Hopefully, we can raise an appreciative glass to ‘The Guv’nor’ to celebrate what he did to change the face of modern music and British culture and raise a few quid to honour his name. X

Big love. Jo, Michael, and Mark.’

“Fail we may. Sail we must.” 


Original event text…

After a sold out solo appearance last year down at Cobalt Studios we’re bringing Andrew Weatherall back to Newcastle!

This time we’re going all out and throwing one of Andrew and Sean Johnston’s legendary ‘A Love From Outer Space’ parties!


As well as that, we’re moving to a larger space due to the unprecedented demand for tickets last time!

Body Talk will be bringing the full ALFOS experience to World Headquarters on Friday the 6th of March with Andrew and Sean taking the helm for the full night.

Super Earlybird £10 tickets are now gone but theres a few £12.50 Earlybird tickets now up. Once they’re sold out they’ll be going up to standard prices so look lively:


A Love from Outer Space originally began in 2010 as a nocturnal experiment between Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston, and one that instantly resonated within the intimacy of The Waiting Room in North London.

The plot was simple; Weatherall and Johnston, two veterans of the UK rave scene and a pairing whose friendship had been slowly maturing within similar circles.

The two were set to lower the pace, if never the tone. “A measured escape from the one-techno-fits-all mindset” and, “an elusion from the impersonality of the overly veneered and the tedium of the moronically paced”, were just a few of the words on their lips. In short; for once, let’s take it slow.

The best-part of a decade later, and ‘ALFOS’ have forged an offbeat path as a true British clubbing institution, at a time when such a precious outlet is increasingly rare. What’s more they have continued to do so “without ever knowingly exceeding 122bpm.”

Instead, Weatherall and Johnston have taken the acid house nous of their past, and opened up the gateway to regular musical journeys that are embedded with it’s spirit and it’s style, if rarely it’s classics.

Instead, melding “disco’s drive and glossy gestures with the cosmic glints of kosmische, thunderous dub-sonority, and intrepid post-punk”, ALFOS have been charting journeys that pay-off gradually but powerfully, as a keen club-ready antidote to our contemporary culture of instant gratification.

Inspired not by what is, but the brimming potential of what could be, A Love from Outer Space cull a specific sonic vision from their wide-ranging record collections, often finding hidden euphoria or outright oddness at severely manipulated tempos.

A Love from Outer Space are afforded their greatest freedoms entertaining a dedicated cult following throughout their residencies at both London’s Phonox, and further north at The Berkeley Suite School in Glasgow, but have also taken their unique musical attitude far and wide on the nightlife road map, while always remaining true to their mutually beneficial ethos.

Appearances at Amsterdam’s legendary Trouw led to a natural return to it’s follow-up venue, De School, and a recent eight-hour excursion at Berlin’s notorious ‘Cocktail D’Amore’ suitably soundtracked moments of both sleaze and spirituality.

They’re just as at home on a boat off the picturesque shoreline of the Croatian countryside at festivals such as Love International, as they are bending minds at UK festivals big and small like Port Eliot, Festival No.6, or Green Man.

Likewise beyond home pastures, at Finland’s renowned Flow Festival. And if Todmorden’s Golden Lion wasn’t Britain’s coolest pub before Weatherall and Johnston propped up at the bar, it’s could certainly file it’s claim now – hosting a Weatherall & ALFOS weekender for 2019’s summer solstice.

More highlights to look forward to this year will be their appearance at the Apollo 50 moonlanding anniversary celebrations at Goonhilly in Cornwall as well as their integral set at Convanenza in Carcassonne.

Big love.
Jo, Michael, and Mark. Body Talk.