2. What goes on there..?

What goes on in World Headquarters

World Headquarters Nightclub is open through the week for all kinds of Club nights & cool events, check our What’s On tag (in the top menu) to see what’s coming up this week. We are also open every Friday & Saturday from 11pm & are licensed for music & alcohol until 5am.

World HQ has an attitude free, girl-friendly, multi racial, block party vibe every weekend. It’s kinda like being at a really good party, in a comfy, friendly, secret, little house.

We keep things truly independent, properly underground & aim to expose as much diverse music as we can, whilst always making sure the groove is fresh & real easy to get into.

What we do is a people thing & a refreshingly credible & cosmopolitan alternative to the City’s out-dated, stag party, corporate & MTV scenes. At World HQ, our far out music & up for it, hands in the air crowd are the stars.

We want everyone who comes here to feel truly uplifted by the music that we play & we promise you will be. We’re also ridiculous value for money & are basically half the price of other places & twice as good.

If you’ve never been to the World Headquarters before, you should give it a try this weekend. You’ll be amazed…

We get a real mix of people & we’re very popular with tourists & visitors to the City, as one of our aims was to create a Club in Newcastle that’d work just as well in any other city in the world.