Welcoming New Students


We wish you a truly wild & wonderful time in our home city. You have come to a fab place & can really have a great experience studying here.

If you wanna know more about your new home, there’s loads of info on our site, to let you know what’s up, who we are & to also give you a few independent pointers, to (what we reckon are) the worthwhile places to check out.

Like any major UK city, there’s a load of generic tosh in Newcastle.

We know the city really well & so aim to help you swerve & avoid all that kinda rubbish & turn you onto some of the cooler places & stuff that goes on instead… x


We are an Underground Club, so if you are a ‘chart’ type kid & that is your bag, then WHQ Club probably isn’t for you.

We aren’t about that. Instead, we do all kinds of diverse, left field stuff, from massive Dj shows, to cult Club nights. See Events for what we’ve got coming…

We bring an unrivalled variety of cool artists from all over this country & the rest of the world to Newcastle, to play in our cute little Club.

We don’t have the capacity to wave big cheque books around, so these artists all come here because they really do love it in WHQ & they totally get what we are about & all we represent.

That’s the reason we are able to punch so far above our weight, in terms of the kind of people we are able to book, to spin truly intimate, exciting, Dj sets & gigs, live & up close for you here.

We’re the place with ‘The Sound System of Dreams,’ which you will doubtless hear (about).

We aren’t like all the other places, that fold over the Summertime when you guys aren’t about.

We are always there & right on point, every week of the year.

Despite our competitive, great value bar prices, here at WHQ we are always music, rather than drink led, because music is what we’re into.

We’re also totally independent, which means we can do exactly what we like, so that’s basically all we ever do, or promote.



Everywhere is after your student dollar right now, so the fact you’ve even found us at all, makes you something of a smart cookie, who hasn’t just fallen for the city’s mainstream pitches, currently being thrust down your throat, via any possible medium.

Newcastle has a quite notorious mainstream nightlife culture & if you are looking for a large scale student only theme night, or some kinda fake VIP, Geordie Shore-type experience, then you have definitely picked a winner & selected the correct city in which to find it.

Good luck with that one…

There are some absolutely hilarious hustles on the go at the moment, all aimed specifically at you.

You’ll have already seen pretendie ‘student’ facebook groups & Hall pages – Ridonkulous!

You don’t have to be Columbo to suss out that they’re really just set up by daft knackers, posing on there with fake, pretty boy & girl profiles – When they’re actually a front for sad mainstream, corporate Club promoters. A ruse, to nab your details & then spam the flippin’ life out of you!

They’ve got no choice, they all peddle the exact same nonsense. So they race each other, each wanting to be the first to fool & suck you, into a world of musical vegetables.



We aren’t arsed with any of that caper, as we have a very different take on running a Club & promoting events – Be good, just do really good stuff & people will come. It’s a simple strategy.

The music we play, our uplifting weekends, the A-list shows we put on, the many Club nights we nurture,  plus all the stuff World HQ both gets up to & stands for, add up to a highly evolved, unique scene, that doesn’t need any gimmicks… It speaks for itself…

So feel free to check out our Autumn 17 Season line up, over in our Events & you’ll clearly see the deal with us.

So there you have it. We hope to see you down at World HQ once the all current ‘fresher’ hype dies down & you fancy sampling something a bit more real.

Pick any weekend, Club night or massive show you fancy & come to see us. The one thing you can count on is, it’ll be the bomb.

We hope you come to love WHQ & our site. We built them here, especially for you, in the hope that you would…x



PS. Whoops! Almost forgot… We’re hiring staff at the moment too, so if getting paid for really hard team work is your thing, give us a nod. Click right here to find out about working with us.