Life for asylum seekers in the UK is tough. Many have been tortured, imprisoned or raped in their home country & all have suffered bereavement, or prolonged separation from family & friends. Travelling to Europe can mean real danger, then low, or no income, social isolation, racial harassment…

Difficulties with cultural adaptation & the fear of being returned to dangerous & life threatening situations, if their asylum applications are unsuccessful – Ever wonder how you might feel if that was you, your family & your children..?

Negative media reporting, political swerving, a lack of educational & employment opportunities, plus hostility from stupid twats in their local communities, have created a climate, which does little to aid the integration process for refugees.

So much needs to be done, to create an inclusive, progressive & welcoming society, which recognises the enormous contribution refugees can make to this nation.

The first thing that needs to be done, is for you, personally – to simply get your head around it.

So let’s forget the hype & tripe of Brexit, stop pretending the evil immigration is gonna get you & think through the real truths here…