You are actually an animal, a Great Ape, from the same genetic family as Chimps & Gorillas & you have the most highly developed brain in the animal kingdom. Think about that for a minute.. (if you’ve forgotten where to locate it, it’s behind your eyes, just underneath your hair).

You were born into a country, where as long as you don’t do crazy, stupid things with your life, you are basically safe & you can take both democracy & your personal freedoms for granted.

You may well have been raised by TV, but as an adult, you have an obligation to yourself, to up your game & learn to challenge the ready made consumer template, that society has waiting for your life.

Is it that radical, to think original thoughts & to realise that you can concentrate longer than the length of a pop video..?

No. So it’s just so lazy, for you to think narrow minded, head up your bum stuff – like…

‘Well I live in England so I think I’m better than the rest of the world because I can watch shows on cable & have clean water & access to free healthcare – I’m so civilised…’

‘Just look at those dirty people, with flies on their mouths, starving, in that awful refugee camp! That could never be me, I’m British, we’re great, Union Jack, bacon & eggs, last night of the Proms, send them all home! Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, etc., etc., etc…’

You reckon…? Really..?  Listen, it’s just luck – That’s all it is…

Nothing makes you worth more than another person & all that kind of ‘oh so superior’ attitude does, is make you look like a dick & sound ignorant & unempathic. Stop, expand your mind & try to start to think globally, or narrow minded, Eurocentric attitudes will kill your humanity.

You only live once, so you owe it to yourself to be a liberated, free thinking individual, not just a consumer, who believes in every (sell more papers) concept that the media serves up to them.

So when you think of asylum seekers, you should always try to put yourself in their shoes. English people are not better than people in the rest of the world…

They are just more lucky, simply because of where they were born. It’s that simple, so any compassion you can show to people from outside the UK, who are less well off than you, is a really, really cool thing to do.