There are only ever two potential paths…

The kind of arrogance, that those people in this country, who think that they are superior to asylum seekers show, is the wrong path.

If you walk far enough down that path, balanced opinion will start to disappear & eventually, not long after you stroll past the patriots of the EDL & BNP, you’ll come to some gas chambers…

Go in the opposite direction, down the right path & you come to a place where people care, share & support one another.

You never know, one day you & your family may just need that support yourselves.

But whether you will or not, recognise, that you offering your support, to people who may need it, no matter where in the world they come from, is a really cool thing to do.



That’s why we admire the WERS – What you give is what you get in life & Karma exists.

Show compassion for asylum seekers & make sure if ever you come across fools, who want to pick on them, you speak up for what is right.

Just because certain sections of society want to be nasty to them, it doesn’t make it right.

Even if almost every person you met wanted to be nasty to them, it still wouldn’t make it alright.

You know inside what’s right, so never be afraid to stand up & speak up, for what is just & fair.

You can desire them all you want, but you don’t need recognition, you don’t need celebrity, you don’t need notoriety & you don’t need  fame.

What you need, is to be a good  person, who can see the big picture of the whole Human Race…

Not just Europeans with Americans, waving their own flags & then the rest of the world bringing up the rear…


All of us, together as equals.