2. Technology vs Art

Every man & his dog…

Since the rise of technology & computers have made home music production easily accessible for the masses, the quality of a lot of House music has plummeted.

Kids can piss about on a computer for an afternoon & think that they have come up with a tune…

Whilst that’s all very nice for them & yes, they certainly have made a tune – It’s just not a tune like the one Joe Smooth made.

You see Promised Land isn’t just a tune –  it is a Tune!!!

We wish more music producers today would exploit the amazing, empowering, opportunity they now have at their fingertips.

Use the relative ease of modern technology, to up the game & start making actual, lasting, beautiful art – Rather than just some God-awful Skrillex inspired racket.

Art that like Promised Land, is gonna actually mean something & stand the test of time.

It’s a shame & all that & we realise Club music needs to maintain a cutting edge – but thinking about it honestly, it seems much of what is released today, dates within a year & is never heard again.

People seem to have forgotten just how powerful a force, music combined with the human voice can be. Earth-shattering results are achievable, if you just focus & set the bar that little bit higher.

Knock the computers off for a bit & start sorting your poetry out – as well as your beats.


Where it Sits

Promised land epitomises the absolute heyday of modern Black music, a time when producers from Joe Smooth & Marshall Jefferson, right through to the Bomb Squad & Public Enemy were all sending positive, unifying messages to the world via music.

A time before daft gangster rap, misogynistic twaddle & the disappearance of musical instruments, became the norm in society.

If you see our Having Strong Opinions section, we break modern music & it’s relationship with politics, down for you there & as that’s quite a deep section, we’ll not double it up for you here.

You can draw a clear line from Promised Land, straight back to Dr. King’s epic speeches of the 1960’s.

As such, it’s a piece of music that has major significance in all modern human culture.