1. ‘Brothers, Sisters…’

‘Brothers, Sisters…’

Promised Land is one of the greatest House records ever made. It came early in the game, being released in 1987 & was recorded in the spiritual home of all House Music, Chicago. We’ve caned it everywhere we’ve ever played, since we first got our sticky little mitts on a copy.

Joe Smooth was a Dj who began producing records as a kid & then hooked up & recorded Promised Land with Anthony Thomas, who delivers the outstanding vocal performance on here.

Back In the Day

The soulful, unifying sentiment of the lyric made this a massive underground dancefloor hit with the ecstasy generation of the late 80’s & early 90’s.

There isn’t one of us who were there then, back in the day (at the birth of modern Clubbing scene you all know today), who doesn’t love this record & we all sing every single word of it, whenever it’s dropped at weekends in the Club.

Name any type of liberation & it is nailed by Promised Land, Black, Female, Gay, every box is ticked & rarely has the truly unifying power of House music been so clearly demonstrated.

The lyrics (which appear below the Youtube clip further in the story) are really simple, heartfelt & left open, so they can be bonded to almost any situation that involves human beings struggling.