Ages ago, back when we used to run the Trent House Bar (see History), some people got in touch, out of the blue & asked to make an appointment to see us. They said they were from some film company called Bridge & Tunnel.

We’d never heard of them before & we weren’t really sure what they were after, but as we always try to make time for people who make time for us, we met up with them anyway, to find out…

It turned out they were making a documentary, about a time in 1977, when Muhammad Ali had come to visit the North East, to have his marriage blessed in the Mosque in South Shields, with his wife & baby daughter Hana. It was going to be called the King of South Shields.

The thing was, to complete the documentary, they needed to travel over to America, to Chicago, so they could visit, interview & film footage, with the now adult Hana.

They had run out of loot to fund the film & asked us if we would be willing to put some money into it to help fund the trip. It wasn’t like an investment or anything, so we weren’t ever expecting to get anything back for it. But we really liked the sound of the project, so we agreed to anyway.